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2006 Texas Road Rash
(Sunday, March 26, 2006)

Top Finishers (inline marathon):

Pro Men:

  1. Adam Miller (Simmons Racing), Independence, Mo., 1:25:28
  2. Ryan Chrisler, Wichita, Kansas; 1:25:30
  3. Jarrod Fischer, San Antonio, Texas; 1:23:31
  4. Randy Bowman, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio; 1:25:36
  5. Eldon Morales, Neuvo Leon, Mexico 1:25:42

Pro Women:

  1. Cheryl (Ezzell) Matula (Powerslide), Hallettsville, Texas; 1:28:40
  2. Natalia Solis Nuevo Leon, Mexico 1:29:42
  3. Tonya Guadiz, Garland, Texas, 1:36:32
  4. Heather Prois, Blaine, Minnesota; 1:38:49

Men's Pro Masters (35 and older):

  1. Andy Zak, Las Vegas; 1:25:31
  2. Alex Fedak, Oklahoma City; 1:25:34
  3. Dennis Humphrey, Delmar, N.Y.; 1:25:44
  4. Randy Plett, Winnepeg, Canada; 1:25:44
  5. Miguel Patino, New York, N.Y.; 1:25:51

Women's Pro Masters:

  1. Naomi Shechter, NYC; 1:34:02
  2. Brenda Harris, Dallas; 1:38:56

No. of skaters:

  • 217 (up from 160 in 2005)
  • 200 in the full and half marathon
  • 13 children in the Kids 1K


  • Sunny and mild; light breeze

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