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Glossary of Inline Skating Terms

Definitions of commonly used terms and inline skating jargon.

ABEC ... Some bearing makers don't give an friggin' ABEC!

Aggressive Skating ... What's so aggressive about jumping and grinding?

Axles ... The wheels spin on them.

Bearings ... Why they spin so pretty.

Durometer ... The quantifiable hardness of wheels.

Edges ... What edges? They look round to me!

Heel Stop ... The most effective way to stop on inline skates!

Marathon ... A long way to run on foot ... not so long on skates.

Road Rash ... The chomp of Mr. Bumpy.

Scissor Stance ... You can cut through the bad stuff in this position.

Spacers ... They keep your bearings from grinding.

Swizzle ... No, not a straw to stir your drink!


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