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Eddy Matzger Skates the Kid's Palace

Skating the Kid's Palace in Shenzhen, China

By Eddy Matzger
Dec. 15, 2008

There is so much skateable architecture in China, I could spend months seeking out buildings and skating them. I have yet to do a dragon tail roof, which is a common architectural theme in China, but I had had my eye on that building for quite some time before getting up the guts to skate it.

The slope of the roof must be in excess of 25 degrees, enough to plant the seed of doubt in my mind as to whether it could be done (the coming down part).

The surface is made of granite blocks, plenty of traction, but shifting and settling has left them uneven in many places.

While eyeing the roof, I skated around the grounds first and drew the guards away from my planned entry point, then made a break for it once they got comfortable with my presence. It probably never occurred to them that I might try to skate the roof.

Since I didn't want to overstay my welcome and land in jail one day before leaving the country, I knew I'd have only one chance to go up and get back down. With a little practice I think I would have gotten up the courage to climb and descend a lot more aggressively.

The view and the feeling from the top was something I'll not soon forget. I'm just happy my mom wasn't there, and to this day she still has no idea. Help me keep it that way!

Allow me to be the stupid silly one. Please be sensible and don't try this or anything like it by yourself.


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