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Week of Sept. 25, 2005

(Sept. 25, 2005)
Saggiorato, Mendez Win the Berlin Marathon - Fila's Luca Saggiorato proved himself the master of the field sprint once again Saturday as he won the final event of the 2005 World Inline cup: the Berlin Marathon. The women's race was won by K2-Empire's Briggyte Mendez with Powerslide's Brittany Bowe just behind her. (Read the Planet story.) (Sept. 25, 2005)

(Sept. 26, 2005)
Bont Releases Low-Cost, Startup Race Package - The venerable Australian company Bont has come out with an inexpensive speed skate aimed at skaters entering the sport. The complete skate consists of Assassin boots, Inferno 4 x 90mm frames, 88 mm Cragar wheels and Baby Bont bearings. The price is a bargain: $329. (Go to a photo of the skate with comments by Bont's Glenn Koshi.) (Sept. 26, 2005)

Anyone Want to Skate 50 Ks on Canada Road on Oct. 2? - San Francisco event promotor D. Miles Jr., is considering organizing a 50 K race on Canada Road in San Mateo, Calif., on Oct. 2. "What I need to know is do you skaters want to do this?" he says. Distances would be 10, 30 and 50 K. The entry fee would be $20 for members of any recognized skate club; $30 for others. (Email the Godfather.) (Sept. 26, 2005)

(Sept. 27, 2005)
Rollerblade Plans Launch of First-Ever 'Multi-Use' Skate - Rollerblade is calling its 2006 Crossfire 4D and Activa 4D the world's first-ever "multi-use skates." They come with frames that can be easily adjusted to two different lengths. The shorter length is for maneuverability; the longer length, for speed. (Go to the Planet Preview of the 2006 Crossfire and Activa 4D skates.) (Sept. 27, 2005)

On the Forum:
The Future of Inline Skating - Mr. T is wondering about the future of inline skating. ... Mike says we have to get kids started on better skates. Gatorback says the key is speed skating at roller rinks. (Got the answer ... Join the discussion.)

(Sept. 28, 2005)
Rollerblade's Speed and Marathon Skates for 2006 - Rollerblade is updating its line of speed and marathon skates next year. The lineup includes new lightweight frames, a Reebok-like pump system and the company's first-ever 100mm skates specifically for women. But one thing you won't find, at least in the USA, is a carbon-shell model like this year's popular Lightning 10. (Go to story and photos) (Sept. 28, 2005)

On the Forum:
Sock Liners For Blisters - Got blisters? ... Get yourself a nice pair of polypropylene liner socks. That's Skatewolf's advice. (Read his post ... Join the discussion on what to do about blisters.)

(Sept. 29, 2005)
2006 Lightning Will Have 90mm Wheels, Longer Frame - Rollerblade is streamlining its Lightning line of marathon skates. Gone next year will be models with four 84mm wheels. The basic model next year will come with 90mm wheels and a new longer frame. (Go to the Planet Preview of the 2006 Lightning.) (Sept. 29, 2005)

Pa. Town Dumps Proposed Skating Ban - New Cumberland, Pa., has rejected the idea of banning skating from streets and parks. The borough proposed the ban as a way to prevent skaters -- mainly skate boarders -- from damaging property and causing disturbances in the downtown business district. But residents said the proposal (which would have banned skateboards, roller skates, inline skates and scooters) was overly broad and restrictive. ... Council members say tougher enforcement of existing laws should address the borough's problem. (Go to story about proposed ban at Penn Live.) (Sept. 29, 2005)

On the Forum:
Would You Recommend the Salomon Pilot Pros? - Brendan is thinking of buying the Salomon Pilot 9 Pro 2 skates with three 90mm wheels and one 84mm wheel. Should he buy them or choose something else? (Cast your vote!)

What Do You Think of the New Rollerblades? - Are the 2006 Rollerblades putting a smile on your face ... or had you hoped for something else? (Join the discussion about the new Rollerblades.)

Join the American Racing Expedition - See the sights in southern Portugal as you participate in the 2006 Terras Do Infante international inline racing competition. (Go to the announcement by Michael Stieb.)

(Sept. 30, 2005)
Canadian Minister Selected as Planet's First Hip Skater of the Week! - The Planet doesn't know if Canada's health minister, Ujjal Dosanjh, even owns a pair of skates. But we don't care. He's still a hero to us. ... Today, the India-born minister encouraged kids to "remain active by walking, cycling and'' -- You guessed it! -- "inline skating to school." His comment appeared in a press release about International Walk to School Week (Oct. 3-7) in Canada. ... Meanwhile, the U.S.-based Walk to School web site lacks any mention of inline skating. (Go to the Walk to School press release.) (Sept. 30, 2005)

Altis Adds the Planet to Its Short List of Skate Sites! - The university-based Altis web directory has added the Inline Planet to its list of Internet resources. The Inline Planet is the only general interest or news site among the directory's 10 roller skating resources. Altis is the work of a team of information specialists and subject experts at the University of Birmingham in England. Its aim is to "provide a trusted source of selected, high quality Internet information for students, lecturers, researchers and practitioners in the areas of hospitality, leisure, sport and tourism." ... Thanks, Altis. We're honored! (Go to the Altis roller skating resource page.) (Sept. 30, 2005)

Elsewhere on the Web ... Hundreds Attend Group Skates in Tel Aviv - Inline skating appears to be on the rise in Israel. Hundreds of skaters attend the Tuesday Night Skate in Tel Aviv (despite opposition from local police). And it's just one of several area group skates. (Read the story from the Jerusalem Post.)

(Oct. 1, 2005)
Buenos Aires to Host First South American Inline Cup - The Inline Cup concept will get its first test on South American soil on Dec. 4 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The one-day event will feature separate 42K marathons for men and women. Prize money will be $15,000 (U.S.). The day will also include separate 8K races for pro and fitness skaters and a kid's race. ... The event is the only race so far on the schedule of the South American Inline Cup. The series is being organized under the umbrella of Iguana Think Tank's World Inline Cup. (Go to the announcement.) (Oct. 1, 2005)

Alabama Skater Takes Aim at 24-Hour Record - Brian Tilley of Albertville, Ala., is preparing himself for a long skate. In two weeks, he will attempt to break the world record for the most miles skated in 24 hours. Tilley, 24, will set off on Oct. 12 at the Tennessee border north of Huntsville, Ala. From there, he will follow secondary highways until he hits the Florida Panhandle. The route is more than 320 miles. The current 24-hour record is 315 miles, set by Sandy Snakenberg in 1999. Tilley is the manger of the Mega Skate rink in Albertville. His trainer will follow him in a support vehicle. The record attempt will not be independently verified. (Read the story in the Sand Mountain Reporter.) (Oct. 1, 2005)

On the Forum:
Broken Ankle May Push Beginner Out of Skating - Poor Baikacat! After finishing her first lesson, she fell to avoid a kamakazi child and broke her ankle. ... Now she's wondering if she will ever skate again! (Read her post.)

Why Are They Putting Longer Frames on the Lightning! - Smoo doesn't like the idea of Rollerblade fitting the new Lightning with a longer frame. He worries it will make the skate less maneuverable. (Join the discussion.)


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