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Week of Sept. 18, 2005

(Sept. 18, 2005)
Fila To Abandon World Inline Cup in 2006 - Fila has decided to pull the plug on its World Inline Cup team, according to a report in the Duluth News Tribune. The company has decided that it can no longer afford the team's $200,000 annual budget. It informed team coach Danilo Sinigaglia of its decision on Monday. ... The Fila racing team won last year's World Cup. With one race left this year (next week's Berlin Marathon), the team is in second place behind Rollerblade. (Go to the News-Tribune story.) (Sept. 18, 2005)

(Sept. 19, 2005)
Photos of 2005 Northshore Inline Marathon - The Northshore Inline Marathon proved itself to be the top inline event in North America once again this year. It attracted a big crowd (more than twice the size of its nearest rival) and provided a weekend of fun and great racing. ... Once again this year, professional photographer Darlene Prois documented the event in vivid color. (Here's the first installment of her spectacular photos! ... Come back Tuesday for more.) (Sept. 19, 2005)

(Sept. 20, 2005)
More Photos of the 2005 Northshore Inline Marathon! - As a photographer, Darlene Prois doesn't only focus her attention on the top skaters. She also aims her lens at the quiet splendors and small dramas of living, as you will see in her second set of photos of the 2005 Northshore Inline Marathon. (Here they are ... and thanks, Darlene!) (Sept. 20, 2005)

On the Forum:
What To Do About Blisters With New Skates? - Heel blisters are keeping bikekayakskate off her new Salomon Pilot 9 Pros. She wants to get rolling again. Can you help her? (Join the discussion.)

Elsewhere on the Web ... Another inline champion talks about her move to ice. "I had accomplished about everything I could in inline skating," Kimberly Derrick says. "I figured why not give ice a try." ... Last weekend, the former junior inline champion won a place on the U.S. short track speedskating team. (Read the story at

(Sept. 21, 2005)
Organizers Hope to Make World Inline Cup Safer, Fairer Next Year - Among the changes planned for the 2006 World Inline Cup is the videotaping of the last 1000 meters of each race. Organizers apparently decided on the change in response to persistent complaints about cheating and unfair tactics in the sprints, especially in the women's races. Another planned change in race rules would require long straight-aways before finish lines. In addition to this safety measure, all racers would be required to wear gloves. (Go to the Planet story.) (Sept. 21, 2005)

On the Forum:
Are Big Wheels Really Faster? - Skater wants to know. ... He's just getting used to his 5 by 80mm Powerslide frame and is wondering if he should make the jump to bigger wheels. (Join the discussion.)

They Are Not Your Daddy's Roller Skates - An experienced roller skater, he figured inline skating would be a cinch. ... Ouch! It was not. (A new forum member shares his first experience on inline skates.)

(Sept. 22, 2005)
Roll Bounce Opens Today to Mixed Reviews - The skate industry, especially the roller rink crowd, has high hopes for the new movie Roll Bounce. It would like to see the movie roll in big audiences and give a nice bounce to ticket sales at roller rinks. But the critics don't seem too impressed. (Read the Planet story.) (Sept. 22, 2005)

USA Gets First New Skate Instructor of 2005 - Inline skating, like downhill skiing, is a demanding sport that requires skill and technique. So it was worrisome last year when the International Inline Skating Association disbanded, leaving the sport, at least in North America, with no agency to certify new instructors. But fortunately, the United Skate Schools Group soon arrived on the scene. Earlier this month, it certified its first instructor: Brad Buss of California. Congratulations go out to both Brad and the USSG! (Find out how you can become certified.)

On the Forum:
Gender Disparity at Northshore - Cloe_rose wonders what accounts for the relatively few women in the upper divisions at the Northshore Marathon. ... Could the cut off times have something to do with it? (Join the discussion.)

Keep Your Mitts Off Me! - Tahiti Girl suggests that World Cup racers use mittens, rather than gloves. "It would make it somewhat more difficult to grab another skater," she explains. (Read her post.)

A Clean Not-too-Expensive Place - Anybody have ideas of places to stay in Long Beach. INDskater is looking for a place to stay on the night before the marathon. (Post your suggestions.)

(Sept. 23, 2005)
Skating With Alligators - You are likely to see all kinds of wildlife as you roll through Florida's Green Swamp on the Van Fleet Trail. Armadillos, snakes, deer, tortoises ... and even alligators. But not to worry. So far, no skaters have been eaten. Apparently, gators don't like the taste of urethane. (Go to the Planet photo story, pictures by Ilene Kummer.) (Sept. 23, 2005)

On the Forum:
Does the Northshore Short Change Women? - Jim White says the Northshore is gender neutral. But other skaters aren't so sure. Freewheel provides some compelling evidence of a gender gap -- and (without faulting the management) says the race "guidelines weren't written with women in mind." (Join the discussion.)


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