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Week of Oct 9, 2005

(Oct. 10, 2005)
Athens to Atlanta Tradition Carried on at Two Weekend Events - The spirit of the Athens to Atlanta Road Skate rolled through the Georgia countryside Sunday despite the cancellation of the official event. Thirteen skaters showed up for the Alternate a2a at a park east of Atlanta. A smaller group insisted on skating the traditional road course, traffic control be damned. (Read the Planet story.) (Oct. 10, 2005)

Skaters Brave Storm to Join Annual Road Cycling Event - Despite torrential rains, two groups of skaters joined the annual Sea Gull Century bicycle tour of the Maryland shoreline on Saturday. Five skaters (four from Capital Racing and one from Rollerquest) sloshed and slid the 63-mile route. Four members of Team in Training skated the full 100-mile route. ... The 17-year-old event usually draws more than 6000 cyclists. But Saturday's storm, which dumped 4.6 inches of rain during the event, cut attendance in half. (Go to Rollerquest's Sea Gull report.) (Oct. 10, 2005)

(Oct. 11, 2005)
Roller Officials to Attend Big Sports-Television Conference - One or more officials of the International Roller Sports Federation (FIRS) plan to attend the Sportel conference later this month in Monaco. The four-day conference (Oct. 24-27) attracts hundreds of sports officials and television executives from around the world. Jacques Rogge, president of the International Olympic Committee, is an honorary Sportel committee member and is scheduled to attend. ... Roller sports has been trying to raise its visibility in the sports world. Last summer, it was rejected -- along with four other candidate sports -- for a place in the 2012 Summer Games. (Go to the Planet's Olympic Inclusion department.) (Oct. 11, 2005)

On the Forum:
Does Size Matter? - Australian newbie wonders what to make of all the fuss about wheel size. "And what's all this stuff about ABEC?" (Add your post here.)

(Oct. 12, 2005)
Zephyr Adds Idaho Skate Adventure, More Matzger for 2006 - Zephyr Adventures has created a new skate tour for 2006: the Idaho Silver Country Adventure ($1550). For three of its five days (Sept. 5-9), the tour will follow the 73-mile Coeur d'Alenes trail, which Zephyr says "is probably the single best inline skating trail we have found in the world." ... The skate-centric tour company has also re-enlisted the services of Eddy Matzger for next year. The skate legend will serve as guest guide for two Zephyr trips: the Netherlands Skating Adventure (July 15-21, $1950) and the Florida Skating Adventure (April 3-7, $1450). (Go to the Zephyr Adventure web site.) (Oct. 12, 2005)

(Oct. 13, 2005)
More Than 800 Skaters Expected For Long Beach Marathon - A record number of skaters is expected for Sunday's Long Beach International City Bank Marathon in Southern California. "It looks like we'll have 800 skaters and then some," said race director Blair Cohn. ... Skaters rallied around the marathon this year after news surfaced that it might be canceled due to lackluster registration. ... Last year's marathon attracted 591 skaters; the previous year's, 555. ... Note to racers: The last chance to register is during the event expo, Friday and Saturday (until 6 p.m.) at the Long Beach Convention Center. There will be no "morning of" registration. (Go to the Planet's event news department.) (Oct. 13, 2005)

European Union Approves Sale of Salomon to Amer - EU regulators have approved the sale of Salomon to the Finland-based Amer Group. Adidas is selling the French-based company for 485 million Euros ($582 million). Under its new owner, Salomon will continue to make inline skates, but, at least for now, will not sell them in the weak U.S. market. ... Amer owns a number of large sports brands, including Atomic skis and Wilson, which makes tennis and golf equipment. (Read more Industry News.) (Oct. 13, 2005)

On the Forum:
Advice for 1st Marathon? - INDskater will be skating his first marathon on Sunday in Long Beach. He's looking for some tips. ... What advice do you have to offer a first-timer? (Post them here!)

What's the Big Deal About Wheel Size and Frame Length? - Do you want to know? ... Well, read this post. It's one of the best explanations of wheel size and frame length that the Planet has ever seen! (Go to post.)

Can You Carve Me a Nice Little Piece of Asphalt, Please? - What's all this stuff about carving? How can you "carve" anything with a round, rubbery wheel? ... It's one of the great mysteries of inline technique, and Chucky wants to know. (Unravel the mystery here!)

A Good Skate Shop in L.A.? - Brendan is looking for one. (Add your comment.)

(Oct. 14, 2005)
SkateFresh to Offer Budget Holland Tour Again Next Spring - The nonprofit SkateFresh Foundation is once again organizing its bargain tour of Holland. The five-day guided trek (May 10-14) rolls past dikes and windmills, through tulip fields and forests, and even stops in Amsterdam for the Friday Night Skate. The price is a mere 130 Euros ($155 U.S.). But be advised: The tour is strictly no frills. SkateFresh will provide Dutch breakfasts, transportation for gear and campsites. Skaters provide the rest. (Go to the SkateFresh announcement. ... Read more Planet news about skate tours.) (Oct. 14, 2005)

Elsewhere on the Web ... Surviving the All-Night Skate - During his four hours at the Back to School All-Night Skate, reporter Adam Ross had his fill of soda pop, sore feet and embarrassment. But he also had some fun: "Even though my feet and ankles ache ... there's no way I'm missing the Halloween All-Night Skate," (Go to story in the Idaho Press-Tribune)


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