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Week of Oct 30, 2005

(Oct. 31, 2005)
Pro Master Recounts Breakaway, Chaotic Finish at Long Beach - The official results of the Long Beach Marathon list Scott Swaney as the 25th pro master to cross the finish line. But in fact, the 57-year-old Culver City man was the second pro master to reach the finish. ... Much has been written about the chaotic finish of the race. Here's Swaney's account. (Go to the story.) (Oct. 31, 2005)

(Nov. 1, 2005)
Rollerdome Opens Its 15th Season With Healthy Crowd - More than 200 skaters "rolled the Dome" Sunday as the Rollerblade Rollerdome opened its 15th season in Minneapolis. Rollerdome owner Mike Cofrin said he expects attendance to grow after he mails out 30,000 fliers next week. Rollerblade founder Scott Olson hired Cofrin to start the Rollerdome in 1990. Since then, more than half a million skaters have rolled through its doors. Rollerdome makes use of the concourses of the Metrodome stadium. The upper concourse is reserved for serious fitness and speed skaters. Rollerdome will be open 70 days this fall and winter. Adult admission is $6.50; skate rentals are available; and skate lessons are free! (Go to Rollerdome site.) (Nov. 1, 2005)

(Nov. 2, 2005)
On the Forum
Here's One Who Won't Be Going Back - Droid was one of the members of the pro masters pack that was directed to the wrong finish line at Long Beach. Next year, he says, he will limit himself to skater-only events. (Here's his post.)

Motown Needs Mo' Skaters! - CDS Dave says only a handful of skaters are participating in the downtown skate in Detroit. He wishes there were more but he's tickled with his 3x110mm setup. (So what's happening in your neck neck of the woods. Join the discussion.)

(Nov. 3, 2005)
Who Knew? ... Rollerwars Ends First Season With Death-Defying Performance - Ghost has won the first-ever Rollerwars World Championships in Birmingham, England. Not impressed? ... Consider this: Ghost won even though he's dead! That's right, dead! ... So how can a dead man breath life into a new arena sport? (Go to the Planet story!) (Nov. 3, 2005)

(Nov. 4, 2005)
Free Lesson Program Expands in Hopes of Snagging New Skaters - The number of skate schools participating in the Free Skate Lesson Program is expected to nearly double in 2006. The program is one of the few organized efforts to encourage people to start skating. But it was hampered this year by its limited geographical range. (Go to the Planet story.) (Nov. 4, 2005)

(Nov. 5, 2005)
On the Forum ...
Free Lesson Program Seen as Way To Spread the Joy - JinWoo has nothing but praise for the Free Skate Lesson Program. "What is important is making more people know the fun of inline skating," he says. (Join the discussion.)

Elsewhere on the web ... Roller Hockey Player Finds Second Life in Italy - As a college student in Chico, Calif., Nick Nowell decided to spend a semester studying abroad in Florence. What happened next would make a great outline for a Hollywood movie: He helped lead the Empoli Flying Donkeys, a roller hockey team, to victory, and he found a beautiful Italian girlfriend. "Chico is still my home," he says. "But it's weird. It's kind of like having two lives. ... Italy has been the best experience of my life." (Go to story at

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