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Week of Nov. 6, 2005

(Nov. 7, 2005)
Bont Puts the 100mm Racing Skate on a Diet! - The Australian skate maker Bont has turned up the heat in the market for 100mm racing skates by dramatically cutting the weight of its high-end Vaypors. The 2006 Vaypors will weigh a full 300 grams less than this year's model, Bont says. The company has achieved the weight loss in large part by developing a lightweight (126 grams) frame that attaches to the boot with three, rather than two, bolts. (Go to the Planet story.) (Nov. 7, 2005)

Fate of 2006 Cactus Classic Hangs on $$$ - Organizers are hoping to resurrect the Cactus Classic inline marathon next year but have decided they need to raise $6000 before committing to the event. "It's not one of those things we've given up on ... that's for sure," said lead organizer Ed "Fast Eddie" Wachter. "But it costs money. ... If we can raise $6000 by January, that will be enough to get the ball rolling." The late-season event in Oro Valley, Ariz., was canceled this year after an unsuccessful search for new sponsors. (Go to story about this year's Cactus Classic.) (Nov. 7, 2005)

On the Forum ...
Heel Blisters Rub Me the Wrong Way! - Jackson bought a Stromgren ankle wrap to protect the blister on his heel. But here's the rub: the wrap (like the Ezeefit ankle booties) don't cover the heels. ... Got any advice for Jackson. (Post it here!)

(Nov. 8, 2005)
Skate Coach: How to Brake Without Breaking! - Striding may be the foundation of skate technique. But knowing how to stop is the skill that builds a skater's confidence (and also keeps him or her from becoming a human hood ornament.) In this first part of a series, certified instructor Kathy McSparran provides a step-by-step guide to mastering the heel brake. ... Even if you think you are already a pro, you are likely to pick up some pointers from the Skate Coach. (Go to the Skate Coach column.) (Nov. 8, 2005)

On the Forum ...
Publow Headed to Ft. Lauderdale for Skate Clinic - Skate guru Barry Publow will put on a SpeedCamp for skaters of all levels on the weekend of Feb. 18 in Ft. Lauderdale. (Read all about it.)

(Nov. 9, 2005)
Silver Strand Promoter Wonders Where All the Skaters Are? - Fewer skaters are signing up for this year's Silver Strand Half Marathon, which is Sunday in San Diego. That's bad news for the race promoter, but he promises to keep it going. (Go to the Planet story.) (Nov. 9, 2005)

On the Forum ...
Cracking Wheel Hubs! - In his 19 years of skating, skate2Bfit has never had this problem before. ... Does anyone else out there have experience with crumbling wheel hubs? (Post your note here.)

(Nov. 10, 2005)
Feeling Hungry? ... Subscribe to the Planet News Feed! - Tired of surfing for skate news? Subscribe to the Planet's RSS news feed. It's a cinch. And once you do, all the latest skate news will be delivered fresh to your computer screen as it's posted! (Here's how.) (Nov. 10, 2005)

K2's Skate Sales Continue to Fall, But Not Like Last Year - Sales of K2 inline skates dropped $9.4 million worldwide during the first nine months of 2005, according to a company report. While significant, the drop is less than half the size of last year's, suggesting the inline slump may be reaching bottom. (Go to the Planet story.) (Nov. 10, 2005)

Put Yourself on the Skate Map of the World! - You don't have to be Chad Hedrick to win a spot on the world's skate map. Just add yourself to the Frappr world map of inline skaters. It's easy to do. Just type in your name, zipcode and a "shootout" message for the world. Then, if you like, upload a photo. Frappr (short for Friend Mapper) takes care of the rest, placing you on a zoom-able Google map of the world. (Go to Frappr.) (Nov. 10, 2005)

On the Forum ...
So Who Really Holds the 24-Hour Record? - The Inline Planet thought it was Sandy Snakenberg, who skated 315 miles in one 24-hour period in 1999. But Ultrask8 says Snakenberg's record tumbled long ago, although it's not exactly clear who the current title holder is. (Go to the discussion.)

(Nov. 11, 2005)
Michigan Sports Dome Offers Free Winter Skating - Is cold winter weather keeping you off your skates? ... If you live in the Detroit area, head to the Blue Water Entertainment and Sports Dome in Fort Gratiot. For the time being, it's free. (Go to the Planet storylet.) (Nov. 11, 2005)

Landroller Earns Semi-Favorable Review From London Skate Site - The introduction of the Landroller slant-wheel skate didn't appear to make a big splash last summer. But according to the London Skaters web site, it's not a bad way to roll. Reviewer Danny Reeves faults the skate for being a bit slow and heavy. But he praises it for its ability to handle cracks and forward T-stops and says that as long as you don't look down, it feels the same as regular skates. (Go to the review at London Skaters.) (Nov. 11, 2005)

(Nov. 12, 2005)
Winter Training For a World Champion - For Rollerblade's Diego Rosero, winter is a time to identify weaknesses and fix them. His off-season training consists largely of slow and mid-speed workouts. But he also devotes some sessions to full-out sprints. (The body needs to be reminded about how to go fast, he says.) His typical week includes two afternoons of weight training and two days of cycling. When Sunday rolls around he's ready to rest, which means ice cream, popcorn and movies. (Go to Rosero's winter training guide on the Rollerblade site.) (Nov. 12, 2005)

Skating Remains Contagious Despite End of Inline Fad - In his latest column, Tom Becnel of the Sarasota (Fla.) Herald-Tribune asks the much-debated question: "Where did all the Rollerbladers go?" While he never finds the answer, he digs his dusty skates out of the garage and rediscovers skating for himself. "There's something about that fluid skating motion, with arms and legs swinging side to side, that's full of grace and beauty," he says. "Now I've got the fever." (Go to Becnel's column.) (Nov. 12, 2005)

On the Forum
New Blades for Urban Skater? - Zena's ready to retire her 15-year-old Coolblades. She's wondering what to buy. ... Got any suggestions? (Post them here.)

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