Doucet, Echardour Win 2010 National Roller Cup

Congats to the winners of all 18 NROC divisions!

By Planet staff
Sept. 25, 2010

Morgane Echardour and Peter Doucet

Speed Skate World's Morgane Echardour and Peter Doucet

photo: Debbie Rice

Canada's favorite skate couple won matching titles today as the top skaters in the pro open division of the 2010 National Roller Cup.

Speed Skate World's Peter Doucet came from behind in the last three weeks of the season to take the title away from NROC newcomer Ty Fidler.

Doucet, 33, of Mississauga, Ontario caught Fidler by finishing fourth in his division at the NorthShore, first at the Skate of the Union and first in the New York 100K. He wouldn't have been able to catch Fidler if he hadn't driven all night from Canada to compete — with only an hour's sleep _ in last week's Skate of the Union in Chantilly, VA.

Last year, Doucet finished second in NROC behind Powerslide's Jorge Botero.

Doucet's teammate (and soulmate), Morgane Echardour, won the open pro women's title with a score of 700 points, the maximum possible in the 2010 scoring system. The 22-year-old, also from Mississauga, earned the points with first place finishes in five NROC races: Montreal, Ottawa, Skate of the Union, NorthShore and New York 100K. (The NorthShore and NY100K are both double points races.)

Other NROC skaters who earned 700 points were: Bont's Norm Kirby in the pro master mens division, Cado Motus' Zach Stoppelmoor in the freshman boys division, and Il Peloton's Morgan Williams in the pro veteran's division.

Asphalt Beach's Steve Larios appeared to be headed for a perfect season. But he broke his collar bone in a crash at the NorthShore and had to sit out the last two events. Nonetheless, he finished the season with 670 points.

Final 2010 NROC standings

Top Skaters in the 2010 National Roller Cup


Open Men

  1. Peter Doucet
  2. Ty Fidler
  3. Justin Stelly

Open Women

  1. Morgane Echardour
  2. Nadine Currie Jackson
  3. Karin Gabriel

Master Men

  1. Norm Kirby
  2. Brian Oswald
  3. Knowl Johnson

Master Women

  1. Debbie Rice
  2. Carole Olinger/Kara Peterson (tie)

Veteran Men

  1. Morgan Williams
  2. Hernan Diaz
  3. Herb Gayle

Veteran Women

  1. Margo Carvell
  2. Carol Hochstein
  3. Peggy Girgenti

Grand Vet Men

  1. Steve Larios
  2. Bob Harwell
  3. Jack Wussler


  1. Asphalt Beach
  2. K2/Empire Speed
  3. Adams Inline
  4. Bont USA
  5. Skaters Quest
  6. Speed Skate World


Senior Men

  1. Brian Shicoff
  2. Dale Larson
  3. Brent Sadowy

Senior Women

  1. Uli Futschik
  2. Christian Larson-Dickson/Rayna Meyer (tie)

Master Men

  1. Ben Hall
  2. Thomas Stergar
  3. Chad McNamee

Master Women

  1. Shirley Tephly
  2. Clauda Thibodeau
  3. Chantal Desjardins

Veteran Men

  1. Brian Geisel
  2. Michael Mullery
  3. George Daniels

Veteran Woman

  1. Rosalind Sandberg

Grand Vet Men

  1. Ken Huss
  2. Roger Olson
  3. Paul Holte


Junior Men

  1. Cooper Moen
  2. Samuel Mathieu Daneau

Junior Women

  1. Jordyn Olinger
  2. Paige Burgeson

Freshman Men

  1. Zach Stoppelmoor
  2. Keaton Moen

Freshman Women

  1. Erika Sanchez















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