NROC Rulebook - 2010
The official rulebook of the 2009 National Roller Cup

The National Roller Cup is an inline racing series for pro and fitness skaters. It uses a point system to rank skaters based on their performance in participating inline racing events.

NROC Rulebook

New for 2010

Here are the big changes for 2010:

  1. New race category: Class A
  2. Mega events now count as two races
  3. Final season scores will be based on skaters' points in their top seven (7) races
  4. New race divisions and categories for skates 17 and under


NROC skaters compete in three categories further split into divisions, based on gender and age. The categories are pro, advanced and youth.

Pro is for the top competitors in the sport of inline racing. Advanced is for skaters who enjoy competing but expect to finish well behind the top skaters. Youth is for skaters who are 17 and below. (Note: Qualified younger skaters can choose to skate in the open pro division but must have a pro license.)

Register for pro if you skate elite in the NorthShore Inline Marathon. If you skate Wave A or slower, register advanced. If you have not skated the NorthShore, use its wave placement chart to help make your choice.

Skaters select a category when they register for NROC. NROC officials reserve the right to switch a skater's division when deemed appropriate. Sandbagging is discouraged.


Categories are split into divisions based on gender and age. In addition, in the pro division, there is an open category for the top skaters, regardless of age.

Pro divisions:

Advanced divisions:

Youth divisions: (New for 2010)


Men and women compete in separate divisions.

Division Placement

Skaters are placed in divisions based on their age on July 1, 2010. When registering for an NROC license, pro skaters can select to be placed in the open division.

Jumping from division to division is discouraged, although reasonable requests will be considered on a case by case basis (email: [email protected]).


NROC has three categories of events: Mega, Major and Class A (New for 2010). Mega events count as two races; Major events count as one; Class A events count as one-half.

How Points Are Awarded

Skaters earn double points at Mega events, standard points at Major events, and half points at Class A events. (See chart above). Points are awarded to the first 20 skaters in each category at Mega and Major events and the first 10 skaters at Class A events.

Points will be added from race to race. But only a skater's top seven races will count toward his or her final point tally.

The skater with the most points at the end of the season will be named the NROC champion in his or her division.

Cash prizes will be awarded in the pro divisions. The size of the cash prize will be based on the number of skaters in the category. (The more skaters who sign up, the more money we will have for prizes.)

In the case of ties, skaters who win the most face-to-face matchups will be the winner. If there are no face-to-face matchups, the tie will stand.

Skaters in the advanced division will win jerseys, medals and bragging rights.

Earning Maximum Points

Skaters who want to score maximum points will have various ways to structure their season. For instance, they could skate one Mega event, four Major events and two Class A events.

But skaters could compete in as few as five events to post scores in seven races. They can do this by skating in both Mega events, which count as two races a piece, and three Major events.

On the other hand, skaters could avoid the Mega events altogether by, for instance, skating all eight Class A races, which count as half events, and two Majors.

Point Races

Points will be based on results in the designated race or races in participating events.

At most events, points will be earned in the marathon. At the Ottawa Skate Festival, pro skaters (but not advanced or youth skaters) will earn points in the Triple Crown.

Double points will go to skaters who skate the NorthShore Inline Marathon and New York 100K. Skaters will earn regular points in the New York Skate Marathon. World team members who attend the New York 100K will receive double points in both the 100K and the marathon. (We are doing this to make it easier for World Team skaters to skate this event without altering their training for the World Championships.)

Team Rankings

NROC will rank teams based on the order of finish of their top skaters. The scores of the top three skaters for men's teams and the top two skaters for women's teams will count toward the total.

Membership Licenses

To participate in the 2010 National Roller Cup skaters must purchase a 2010 NROC license ($55 pro and advanced; $30 for youth).

Wave Assignments at Races

In races with separate starts for different divisions, skaters must start with the group that reflects their NROC division unless race rules dictate otherwise. This rule is intended to keep skaters on a level playing field.

Other Rules

On questions of cross-drafting and other issues that vary from race to race, NROC defers to the rules of the participating event.

The NROC organizers reserve the right to revise rules as necessary to deal with unforeseen circumstances.



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