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Apostle Islands Inline Marathon joins NROC

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By Planet staff
March 25, 2010

AIInlinelogocolorsmallAmerica's newest inline marathon is the 20th event to join the 2010 National Roller Cup.

The Apostle Islands Inline Marathon — June 19th on Madeline Island, WI — promises great skating and adventure.

Madeline Island is one of the the 22 Apostle Islands on Lake Superior — about 50 miles east of Duluth, MN.

A popular vacation spot, it is a bastion for nature lovers, fisherman and golfers. It is also the spiritual center of the Lake Superior Chippewa.

The marathon will be contested on a 8.7-mile scenic loop of newly paved black top. "Your feet will feel great and your eyes will take in the beauty of the island," says organizer Mary McPhetridge. Three loops will make the marathon. Shorter distances will also be offered.

The new event replaces the former Big Granite Marathon, which featured a hilly racecourse near Ashland, WI.

The event organizer, the Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce, moved the marathon to Madeline Island over concerns that the Big Granite hills intimidated fitness and recreational skaters. The new racecourse is essentially flat.

The marathon joins NROC as a Class A event. (See NROC rules.)

NROC created the Class A designation this year to draw smaller events into the fold so that skaters would be able to collect points closer to home.

Registration for the new marathon opens on March 31st.

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