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Squiggy Inline Classic

April 19
Texas Road Rash

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Montreal Roller

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Chicagoland Inline Marathon

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Minnesota Half Marathon

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NROC 10K Championships

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Ottawa Inline Festival

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Northshore Inline Marathon

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NorthShore Joins NROC!

America's biggest race becomes part of inline race series

By Planet staff
March 2, 2009

northshorelogoNorth America's largest inline marathon ... in fact, America's largest skate event of any kind ... is now a part of the 2009 National Roller Cup!

The Board of Directors of the NorthShore Inline Marathon voted Thursday to join the NROC race series.

"The NorthShore Inline Marathon is excited to join NROC," said Rick Abrahamson, a NorthShore board director. "The NSIM recognizes the importance of the Inline Planet as a conduit for the inline skating community, and NROC as a legitimate inline road racing series."

This year's NROC race series now includes seven events (see "Early 2009 Schedule," right).

The NorthShore (Sept. 19th) is a one-of-a-kind skate event that draws 3000 to 4000 skaters a year to Duluth, MN. It features a point-to-point road course along the scenic North Shore of Lake Superior.

It also boasts America's largest skate expo and a Saturday night (post race) award ceremony in the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center.

"We are delighted to have the NorthShore on board," said NROC organizer Robert Burnson. "Not only is this good for NROC, but it gives skaters another reason to experience this amazing event."

Abrahamson said inline athletes appreciate "efforts to elevate inline racing and skating at all skill levels. "The NSIM thanks Robert Burnson for his passion for all things skating, and the invitation to join NROC for the 2009 season," he said.

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