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Montreal Joins NROC

Canadian race becomes sixth event in race series

By Planet staff
February 26, 2008

marathonrollermontrealCan't afford that trip to Paris this year? ... No problem.

NROC will be visiting the world's second largest primarily French-speaking city this spring for the Marathon Roller Montreal.

The event, May 17th, will be held on the legendary Formula 1 Grand Prix track, site of the annual 24hr Inline.

"NROC skaters need to come to Montreal to experience this racecourse," said Nathalie Larouche, one of the Montreal Roller organizers. "It is the smoothest outdoor skating surface imaginable! ... We just wish to share it with the most people possible!"

Montreal is a cosmopolitan city of 3.6 million just above the U.S. border. A popular tourist destination, it is an hour by air from Chicago or New York City.

The NROC race series now includes six events with at least one more expected to join.

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