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Squiggy Inline Classic

April 19
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Mid-Distance Championships

Aug. 15
Minnesota Half Marathon

Aug. 16
NROC 10K Championships

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The NROC Mid-Distance Championships

One Weekend, Two Distances, Double Points!

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By Planet staff
May 1, 2009

Get ready for a new adventure, skaters — the all-new NROC Mid-Distance Championships, Aug. 15-16 in St. Paul, MN.

The championships will test your ability at two middle distances: 10K and half marathon. They will also allow you to collect double NROC points during a single weekend.

The NROC Half Marathon Championships

mhmsmallThe championships start Saturday, Aug. 15, with the Minnesota Half Marathon, a new multisport event organized by Podium Sports Marketing.

The 13.1-mile road course will follow a scenic route along the Mississippi River in downtown St. Paul. (It's the course used by the former Saint Paul Inline Marathon, which the new event replaces.)

Skaters will collect regular NROC points for this half marathon. In addition, NROC Half Marathon champions will be named for each NROC division.

The NROC 10K Championships

The 10K Championships will be Sunday, Aug. 16, at the 400-meter Guidant John Rose MN Oval in nearby Roseville, MN.

The oval has a proud history of hosting championship events, including World Cup ice skating, world bandy championships and the STR8 SK8 inline racing series.

As with the half marathon, skaters will collect regular NROC points for this event; and NROC 10K champions will be named for each NROC division.

An NROC license will be required to compete in the 10K. (Please note that an NROC license will not be required for participation in the half marathon on Saturday.)

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