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Luigino to Give Bearings to NROC Skaters

Skate company signs on as official bearing sponsor

By Planet staff
February 27, 2009

luiginologoLuigino is providing skaters with another great reason to join the 2009 National Roller Cup!

The Olympia (WA)-based company is giving 100 sets of premium Luigino Swiss Bearings to NROC skaters.

Now when skaters sign up for NROC, they will receive a free set of Luigino Swiss Bearings or a free set of Bont G4 Wheels — their choice.

As a result of Luigino's generous sponsorship, NROC now has premium products to give to the first 200 skaters who sign up. In addition, NROC skaters get registration discounts at several of the participating events.

Luigino, operated by Nistevo LLC, is one of the world's top inline speed companies and the sponsor of the reigning world champion Joey Mantia.

The company, run by Doug and Julie Glass, produces state-of-the-art racing boots, frames, bearings and the Atom series of indoor and outdoor racing wheels.

The National Roller Cup is a series of outdoor skate races in North America. It includes most of America's largest inline marathons and starts next month with the Squiggy Inline Classic (March 15) outside Tampa, FL.

Join NROC today:

Visit the Luigino web site.

(Check back Monday for more NROC news)















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