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Botero Joins Tru-Rev

Colombian star will contend for 2009 NROC title

By Planet staff
March 13, 2009

JorgeAndresBoteroFormer world champion Jorge Botero is rolling out of retirement to lead the Tru-Rev World Team and take on the "norteamericanos" in the National Roller Cup.

The 33-year-old Colombian, a college-educated engineer, is also assuming the role of head of product development for Tru-Rev International, said the company's president Desmond Kameka.

Botero is likely to be a strong contender for top honors in NROC. Until his retirement two years ago, he was one of the top skaters in the World Inline Cup and World Championships, in which he won the 1000-meter track gold in 2006.

Botero will race at least four NROC events, the minimum necessary to be competitive for the NROC championship, Kameka said.

His first race will be this Sunday's Squiggy Classic Inline, outside Tampa, FL.

Tru-Rev is delighted to have Botero on board, Kameka said.

"Jorge Botero is one of the most respected professional skaters in the world, and aside from being a world champion, he is educated as an engineer."

Botero will also be chief instructor for skate clinics in the USA, South America and Europe. Botero is co-owner of the Inline Racing Institute, which is organizing the clinics.

Tru-Rev, based in Davie, FL, is a leading producer of inline skating equipment, including boots, frames, wheels and bearings.

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