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Skate Route Mapper Instructions

How to Find a Route

How to Create a Route

Browser Compatibility

Other stuff

How to Find a Route

1.) Click the "Search for Skate Routes" link.

2.) Enter address (e.g. Martinez, CA; Paris, FR) or zip code of the area where you want to skate.

3.) (Optional) Set "Within" distance to expand the range of your search.

4.) Click "Go!"

How to Create a Route

1.) Go to the "Create a Skate Route" page by clicking on a "Create a Skate Route" link.

2. Zoom the map to the location of your route. You can do this by either:

• Entering your address or zip code (e.g.: Martinez, CA or 94553) in the "Zoom to" box and clicking "Search".
• Clicking on the map and, while holding down the mouse button, dragging it to your location. Once you get there, zoom in using the zoom bar on the left side of the screen.

3.) Click on the map to create the first point of your route.

4.) Add points to draw your route.

5.) Change points to parking markers by clicking the "Make it a parking marker" button.

Note: You must convert a point to a parking marker before moving on. To convert an earlier point, you must click the "Undo last point" button, working backwards, until you have deleted the point where the parking marker will go. Then add a new point where you want the parking marker to go and click the "Make it a parking marker" button.

6.) Type in the name of the route and other information.

7.) Check your information!

8.) Click "Add Map".

Browser Compatibility

The Skate Route Mapper works with most up-to-date web browsers but not Apple's Safari. However, it does work on the Macintosh versions of the free Firefox and Opera browsers.

Other Stuff

• Want to share a route with a friend? ... Click the "Email Route" link, found on the top right corner of all individual route pages.

• Want to delete a map? ... Send us a note. Don't forget to say which map you want us to delete.

• Did you encounter a problem? ... Send us a bug report. Include the name and version number of your browser.

Questions, comments? ... Send us an email.