New US Source for Seba Skates

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New US Source for Seba Skates

Postby stacy on Wed Sep 03, 2008 9:07 pm

There is good news this week for anyone looking for something different than the recreational and speed skates offered by the major manufacturers-- Seba skates and products are now available in the US at

Seba skates were created by Sebastien Laffargue, a French freestyle slalom skater who was unhappy with the selection of skates available for slalom and decided to design his own. The first product in the line, the Seba High, is now the preferred skate of top slalom skaters around the world. With a snug fitting boot, short frames, and supportive cuff, it is a very responsive and maneuverable skate.

Although Seba skates were originally designed for Slalom and Freestyle skaters, but have been used by many skaters who desire a shorter frame and a more supportive boot than is available on most recreational skates today. On most of the skates, the frames are 231mm (max wheel 76mm) or 243mm (max wheel 72mm) , depending on the model and size of the skate.

The Seba brand has now grown to include the Seba FR1 and FR2 and the Seba GT. The FR1 and FR2 are freeride skates with a wider toebox than the Seba High for a more comfortable fit, and a rigid plastic boot with replaceble side abrasive pads that make it very resistant to abuse. The Seba GT is closer to a recreational skate, with 90mm wheels, a heel brake included, and a softer step-in/step-out boot.

Skate Crazy also sells wheels and cones for slalom skating. A kids skate is in the works and will be available soon.

To celebrate the new site, and also to prepare for ordering a new shipment of skates, Skate Crazy is offering free shipping for anyone who pre-pays for an order by this Friday, September 5.
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