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Week of Sept. 4, 2005

Sunday - Wednesday
Planet Vacation

(Sept. 8, 2005)
Urban Adventurer Talks About His 25-Year Skate Odyssey - The annals of inline skating are full of fantastic adventures. To the list, add another: Tim Monroe's skate of the entire street grid of Oakland, Calif. Completed over 25 years, Monroe's trek took him up and down the Oakland hills, through the devastated crack neighborhoods and face-to-mace with legions of vicious dogs. But he survived to tell the story! (Here it is!) (Sept. 8, 2005)

We're Back! ... The Planet returns from vacation. Order is restored to the alternate universe.

On the Forum:
Hurricane Drowns Newbie's Skate Dream - A couple weeks ago, Kate bought her first pair of inline skates after consulting with members of the Planet Forum. Then Katrina hit. The skates were lost along with everything else at Kate's house. But at least Kate survived! (Here's Kate's post.)

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(Sept. 9, 2005)
Pepper Spray for Pit Bulls, Flattery for Cops and More Lessons From TRISTO - In Part II of the Planet Interview with Tim Monroe, the urban adventurer explains how he fends off attack dogs, talks to cops and generally keeps the wheels rolling. There's also a great photo from the early days of TRISTO with Tim flying down Grizzly Peak on roller skates. (Here's where Part II begins. But if you missed Part I, start here!) (Sept. 9, 2005)

New Inline Hockey League Rolls Modestly into Second Year - Is the United States ready for professional inline hockey again? Jeff Buma hopes so. He started the Inline Hockey Association last year in Orange County, Calif. This year's roster consists of six teams with a 15-game schedule. Attendance is running just under 1000 per night. "We feel like we're the George Halas of roller hockey because we're really trying to start it up again," Buma says. "We're going to try to take it as long as we can ... until we realize that either we have potential or maybe this isn't the best thing to do." (Here's the Orange County Register's story, reg. required.) (Sept. 9, 2005)

On the Forum:
Tim Answers Questions About TRISTO - Have any questions about Tim's Radical Inline Skate Tour of Oakland. Tim's answering questions here.

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