The 2005 Northshore Inline Marathon

Top Finishers

Men's World Cup and Pro:

  1. Luca Saggiorato, 22, Italy, Fila International, 1:03:07.7
  2. Massimiliano Presti, 30, Italy, Fila International, 1:03:08.0
  3. Francesco Zangarini, 24, Italy, Bont International, 1:03:08.1
  4. Jorge Botero, 30, Colombia, Rollerblade, 1:03:08.4
  5. Joey Mantia, 19, Ocala, Fla., Powerslide, 1:03:08.5
  6. Dane Lewis, 28, Cypress, Fla., Hyper, 1:03:08.6
  7. Shane Dobbin, 28, New Zealand, Rollerblade, 1:03:08.6
  8. Baptiste Grandgirard, 26, France, Fila, 1:03:08.9
  9. Luca Presti, 25, Italy, Bont, 1:03:09.1
  10. Diego Rosero, 25, Colombia, Rollerblade, 1:03:09.4

Women's Inline Cup and Pro:

  1. Celilia Baena, 19, Colombia, Hyper Racing, 1:13:47.7
  2. Brittany Bowe, 17, Summerfield, Fla., Powerslide, 1:13:47.7
  3. Briggyte Mendez, 20, New York City, K2-Empire, 1:13:47.9
  4. Jessica Smith, 21, Cypress, Calif., Hyper, 1:13:48.0
  5. Andrea Gonzalez, 28, Argentina, Kia, 1:13:48.1
  6. Angele Vaudan, 23, France, Rollerblade, 1:13:48.2
  7. Laura Lardani, 22, Italy, Rollerblade, 1:13:48.3
  8. Nicole Begg, 18, New Zealand, Saab-Salomon, 1:13:48.5
  9. Theresa Cliff, 27, Cedar Springs, Mich., Kia, 1:13:48.5
  10. Tamara Llorens, 24, Argentina, Rollerblade, 1:13:48.6

Half Marathon:

Men's winner: Ronnie Pugh, 35, of Amherst, NY. Time: 40.33

Women's winner: Krista Luckai, 13, Thunder Bay, Ontario. Time: 49.06

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Copyright © 2005 by Robert Burnson

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