Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sr Ladies - What a race for Colombia & all 15K RESULTS

I am thankful that no one went down in this race.

Colombia did what they do best... sit back, together, in abut the 8th or 9th spot until the last 12-14 laps and then start moving up or passing back and forth. These girls are rested and have allowed the pack to push them through the turns without being up front fighting for first or second (not that our girls did this)... but many others did. With 25 laps to go I noticed Britt move up behind Jess and tap her on the back to go. Jess looked to the side and stepped out on the back straightaway. As she powered down the back side and into turn 2, Brittany followed. Both girls shot up in to the 1 & 2 spot. Once Britt knew that Jess was safe, Britt was done. Brittany skated to the center. That is a true teammate. One who knows that she has nothing left and yet before she quits or dies off, she takes care of Team USA, her teammate, her friend.

Jessica lasted another 10-12 laps and then was eliminated. With 10 to go the Colombians had to work for it, but gave a great show. Congratulations to them.

The Senior Mens race started off with Joey and Jonathan separated from the gun. Although they did get together a couple of times and were up in the front for a few laps (about 6-8) and then they were separated again. It was with 15 laps to go that Jonathan was eliminated and Joey I don't think realized he was alone until it was about 6 to go. By then Joey was in the back and it was an up hill battle. He did a great job finishing third while Korea and Colombia battled till the end. Korea taking the first spot and Colombia the second.

I have completely enjoyed myself tonight... even during the Jr Ladies race which I got a "little" heated over. I have been up in the Press Box that is about 5ft by 8ft. I have shared this "box" with several Colombian Men as they have been announcing live radio coverage. They are the only ones that haven't "kicked us to the curb". The guys stole a table from one of the other press rooms and a couple of chairs a all of a sudden we are a working press room!!! Honestly we couldn't have done the reporting and photos that we did today without "BOOM 99.1" Radio Station.

Well the 1,000's are up... I will report on these races after I return home tonight.


1st Colombia
2nd Korea
3rd Chile


1st Korea
2nd Korea
3rd Colombia


1st Colombia
2nd Korea
3d Colombia


1st Korea
2nd Colombia
3rd USA - Joey Mantia

L & A
Stay tuned. Linda


At August 19, 2007 10:16 PM , Blogger Joey said...

In the medal tally it says that the USA has one gold, and one silver.

But I thought our two medals were the gold from Mantia in the 300, and the bronze from him in the 15k.

I'm probably mistaken though, a bit tired.

Thank you so much for these reports! This is currently my favorite site to visit :)

At August 20, 2007 6:57 AM , Blogger ★ Terrinha ★ said...

Hello, 1st off all congratulations to Tem USA for the medals!
And congratulations for the good job keepin' us informed of what is going on!
By the way, how are the athletes that fell, hope everything's ok w/ them! :D
oh, and another thing, Linda weren't u in Portugal w/ the American Racing Expedition @ Intern. Tourn. "Terras do Infante" in 2003 or 2004+/-?!
I guess that's all for now!
Keep up with the good work & good luck to Team USA! Another Gold 4 Joey tonight in the 500m I hope! :D & 4 Brit 2!


At August 20, 2007 2:47 PM , Blogger Linda L Wood said...

Thank you SO much for commenting. Sometimes I think I am the only one reading this blog! LOL...

Our current medal count is as follows:

Gold: 2 - Joey Mantia - 300-meter
Silver: 1 - Mariah Richardson
Jr Ladies 300-meter
Bronze: 1 -Joey Mantia - 15K

Stay with us as we more f the Colombian people and their way of life and the Expo.

Terrinha: YES I was in Portugal. Your team has improved tremendously! Thank you for reading. Tonight will be HOT, HOT, HOT!!!


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