Wednesday, August 22, 2007


The Senior ladies skated the 200-meter time trial this morning and I would like to give you some news that would send chills down your spine... but it just didn't happen out on the track this morning for the ladies or the men.

However... both of our Senior Ladies made it to the 200-meter time trial final that will be skated approximately 5 hours from now. That give the girls plenty of time to go back to the hotel, eat lunch and take a nap or rest if necessary.

Here are the results that I have:


1st-COL-Bernice Moreno - 18.15
2nd-COL-Jennifer Caidedo-18.29
3rd-ITA-Erika Zanetti-18.42
4th-CHILE-Estefan Nunez-18.44
5th-ITA-Nicoletta Falcone-18.47
6th-USA-Brittany Bowe-18.59
7th-GER-Jana Gegner-18.87
8th-CT-Yi-Chin Pan-18.93
9th-USA-Sara Sayasane-19.00
10th-CHILE-Caro Santibanexz-19.03
11th-KOR-Ju Hee Im-19.088
12th-KOR-Jin Ju Lim-19.090

As of this moment the men's results are not available. A tough break for Sebastian Cano. During his fall in the 3000-meter Senior Mens 3 person relay 2 nights ago, when Sebastian fell he broke his boot in half. He was able to get a new boot (a different manufacture) but was unable to make it work and told the Senior Coach, Chris Tidwell that he felt that it would be in Team USA's best interest to give the race to someone else. That as much as he wanted to skate, it just didn't feel right. Coach Chris Tidwell chose Jonathan Garcia to skate the 200-meter race along with Joey Mantia.

When I spoke to Sebastian he said he was very disappointed that he was unable to make the boots work for him. That every time he tried to "turn" the skate felt like it just wanted to go straight. It sounds as if Sebastian might be out for the rest of the competition unless he can get something to work for him. He was skating the best that I have seen him skate at a World Championship since he moved up to the Senior Men's division.

On the other side of the fence. When speaking to Joey Mantia, I reminded him of Chad Hedrick's record of 6 medals at any one World Championship and asked him if he had planned on going after that record. He responded that there are 5 races left in which he could medal and that anything is possible. Then he flashed me that gorgeous, bright white smile that he is famous for.

Another record he might be going for is the Marathon. As far as I know... no one person has ever had a 'THREE-PEAT" in the Marathon. Yes, maybe countries have won 3 times in a row, but I can't remember any athlete that has done so. Mantia is on fire, feels good, and seems relaxed so if anyone could do it, it would be Mantia.

I wish all the athletes from every country, the very best when racing tonight. I hope to see some fast racing with lots of action and wish everyone a safe night.

As soon as the men's results are available, I will post them.



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