Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Start of the Junior Ladies race. That is Briana Kramer on the front line.

Briana Kramer is on the front line and it appears as if Stephanie Sutter is on the outside of the 3rd line.

In this points race there will be points every lap. The girls are on their way back now. When the gun went off, Australia fell. I am not sure if it is because Australia fell that they brought the girls back or because they did not tell them when the points would be.

On lap one it is no surprise that Colombia and Korea hawk for 1st and 2nd. Kramer is in 4th and close enough now to make things happen for her. She has placed in this race before so this is "her" type of race. With two laps down Italy and Italy both get points with France being out hawked at the line for those points.

Lap 3 of 25.. it's Kramer and Colombia hawk for points and I can't tell who gets them.... there goes Chile followed by Italy. It's official Kramer got the 2 points and Colombia 1 point. There is a mass of girls coming through the last turn Colombia easily gets the points and Chile the 1 point.

France and Germany attack through the last turn and here comes Colombia.... I think Colombia and Germany get the points. With 18 to go both Koreans take 1 and 2. Kramer is back in about 8th. She's not "struggling" but she is not attacking either.

Chile and Venezuela take 1 and 2 on lap 17. All the girls are still together. WOW......Kramer shoots from the rear to take 2 points and Venezuela one point. WOW

Chile steps in front Colombia first and cuts her off and then steps in front of Italy to take the 2 point followed by Italy... CHILE needs to be warned!!!!!!!!! The Koreans pop out front again on the next lap to take 1 and 2 with 14 laps out of 25 remaining.

Now China has moved to the front with Kramer in a close 4th... oh man... both Germans come from the outside and attack... they go by Colombia and France for the points. Again they take 1 and 2. The Colombians and the Koreans don't like that... these girls are hammering and the sun is out and so bright. Colombia takes 1st with Korea 2nd but France was fighting for 3rd.

Italy and now France get 1st and second with Colombia hawking more behind her (stretching the back foot out) than in front. That hurts her and she receives no points. Kramer is GOING... she gets 2 points and France 1 point with 8 laps to go.

Colombia and Argentina takes 1 point. Both Koreans are out and battling each other, they go one and two. Both Colombians are chasing and the pack has caught back up. Here comes COL and Italy.. they have a good lead they need to keep it, but they don't here comes France with Korea and only 5 laps remaining. Korea and France go 1 and2... Kramer looks dead, but she's done that before... this is her race... she could medal if she rallies back.... It's Korea and Kramer... go Bri go............................. Korea and Bri are trying to go, but COL is bringing the pack up... 3 to go.............................. Kramer gets the points along with China, that's good because China does not have many points.

Oh no.... one Korean goes down. Italy and France go one and 2 with 2 laps to go..... Kramer is way off of the back... something must have happened... COL and France take the points. Last lap and Colombia is going crazy Korea is GONE.................... Germany passed Colombia like she was standing still, 2nd Korea, 3rd Spain and 4th Korea across the line.

Wow.. what a race.... I will have to wait for official points.............................. sorry for any spelling errors way ahead of time. All the girls were incredible.



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