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Protective Gear for Inline Skating

The standard set of inline protective gear includes wrist guards, elbow pads and knee pads. But crash pads are great idea for many skaters. And helmets can literally save your life. ... Don't leave home without them! ... Here you'll find links to makers of protective gear:

Rollerblade's Protective Gear ... Rollerblade's protective gear for Inline Skating.

Salomon's Protective Gear ... They make nice gear but you'll have to use their site navigation to find it. There's no direct link available.

Harbinger Protective Gear ... Harbinger makes some highly rated protective gear. (Lots of skaters swear by their wrist guards.)

Crash Pads ... More skaters (especially older ones) should consider wearing crash pads to protect their hips and backsides. ... There's no reason not to. .If you wear baggy shorts over them, they don't even show!

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