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Gift Ideas for Inline Skaters

World Team Skate Calendar Goes on Sale - Send the Best has slashed the price of its 2006 World Team Calendar. For $8 (was $15), you'll get 12 months of action shots of the 2005 U.S. World Team. You'll also get the satisfaction of knowing you are doing your part to help the best U.S. skaters reach the 2006 World Speed Skating Championships in Korea. (Go to Send the Best web site.) (Jan. 18, 2006)

The Top Ten Holiday Gifts for Skaters - Dream big, skate hard and be good for goodness sake! Or would you rather have your stocking stuffed with rusted bearings. Not likely, especially after you read Trish Alexander's Top Ten List of Holiday Gifts for Skaters. It's brimming with sweet skate swag! (Go to the top-ten list.) (Dec. 21, 2005)

Holiday Gift Idea: Chad Hedrick's Instructional (and Sometimes Goofy) DVD - Got a speed skater on your list? If so, here's a great stocking stuffer: Push, Chad Hedrick's instructional DVD. It's short but worth the price. Not only do you get to hear the 50-time world champion explain his signature technique — the double-push — but you get an introduction to his wacky sense of humor. (Go to the Planet review.) (Dec. 8, 2005)

Holiday Gift Idea: Rap 'n' Roll ... Learn to Skate With a Back Beat! - So what do you buy for the skater on your list who resists the idea of taking a few lessons? ... How about this: the You Can Stop CD by Phat Sk8Trax. The CD serves up skate basics in a series of funky song with rap lyrics. (Go to the Planet storylet.) (Nov. 26, 2005)

The Garmin Forerunner: Made for Runners, Great for Skaters - Want to know how fast you skate and how far you go -- and be able to quickly scan through two years worth of workout stats? If so, consider buying the Garmin Forerunner 201. Contributing writer Travis Brown says that though this GPS device was designed for runners, it's great for skaters, too. (Here's the Planet review!) (Aug. 2, 2005)

Forget Dr. Scholl's ... The Best Solution for Blistered Feet Is Ezeefit's Ankle Booties - I skated with pain for more than a month after my new racing skates arrived. I tried all the recommended remedies, but nothing worked. ... Then I got my feet into a pair of Ezeefit ankle booties. ... Ah, what a relief it is! Happy feet are back again. (Here's the Planet review of the Ezeefit ankle booties.) (April 23, 2005)

Wouldn't That Old Wheel Make a Lovely Candle Holder? - So what do you do with all those worn wheels collecting dust in the closet? ... The Hyper forum has some thoughts on the subject, ranging from the pragmatic (use them as spacers for electrical equipment) to the ornamental (turn them into Christmas decorations). ... Here's another thought: Glue them into a frame in all colors and sizes to create your own "found" roller art! (Here's the discussion on the Hyper forum.) (April 18, 2005)

Company to Come Out With New GPS Device For Skaters - So far, few details are available about Navman's new GPS Sport Tool. But one model reportedly will be aimed specifically at inline skaters, (although I am not sure why a GPS device for skaters would be any different from one for runners or bicyclists?) Sport Tool will use a satellite-based global positioning system to keep track of speed and distance traveled. It will also have an alarm that will sound when your speed falls below a preset level. The inline skater's model will cost 79 ($149 US) and is due to be released Feb. 6 in the UK. No info is available on US distribution. (January 31, 2005)

Holiday Gift Idea No. 1 ... The 2005 Go Play In the Street Calendar
Yeah, I know, we've still got a week to go before Thanksgiving. But in the digital world, you've got to think ahead. So if you are looking for a great gift for that inline junkie on your list, here's just the thing --- and it won't set you back a racing boot or a frame! --- the 2005 Go Play in the Street Inline Skating Calendar. Here's the story. ... And get your credit card ready! (Thursday, November 18, 2004)


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