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You Know the Basics ... Here's the Rest

If you can stride, turn and stop, you're probably ready to learn the advanced stuff. ... Here you'll find links to advanced tutorials and skating advice. ... Keep learning. You'll look beautiful out there!

Intermediate Skills ... Inline author Liz Miller's tutorials and advice for intermediate skaters. Included are pointers on parallel turns and striding.

A Primer for the Advanced Skater ... This is Eddy Matzger's primer of advanced skills. Lots of good stuff, including sage advice on falling, skating hills and advanced braking techniques.

Cute Skate Tricks: The Videos! ... You want advanced techniques? ... Check out these videos (there are also tutorials) from the London Skaters. Learn the barrel roll, powerslide, grapevine and more!

Watch Chad Hedrick's Double Push ... The double push isn't some big dark mystery like some would have you believe. ... You might just be able to pick it up by watching this semi-animated Chad Hedrick's video.

Every Kind of Braking Know to Man (and Woman!) ... Skatefaq's comprehensive guide to stopping techniques for inline skaters. Quite a list. Check it out!

The Science of Endurance Training ... Are you one of those skaters who doubts you have what it takes to sustain a decent pace for, let's say, the length of a marathon? ... Well, maybe you're not giving yourself a chance! Check out the MAPP website. It's a great guide to developing endurance. And be sure to read the section on Norwegian cross-country skiers. You might just discover your inner champion there!


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