Skate Video: Londonstyle

Naomi Does London!
UK Freestyle Champ Naomi Grigg's New Video

By Planet staff
(posted Wednesday, July 12, 2006)


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Doesn't matter what kind of skater you are — in fact, you don't have to be a skater at all to enjoy freestyle champ Naomi Grigg's new video, "Londonstyle."

It's spectacular! One of the best skate videos we've seen.

If you thought Naomi was stunning in Singapore (Go to her Singapore video), wait 'till you see her on her home turf in London. She's amazing.

In fact, everything about this video is well done: the camera work, editing, music —even the locations (which include Tower Bridge, Royal Albert Hall and St. Paul's Cathedral) were chosen with care.

Hats off to editor Miles Tudor. This is slick stuff.

One word of caution: Watching this video could be hard on your pocketbook. Once you see what Naomi can do on her Twisters, you may want a pair of freestyle skates of your own. ... But that really wouldn't be so bad, would it?

(By the way, isn't it about time we included freestyle in our efforts to get roller sports into the Olympics? Freestyle is what figure skating might look like if it could ever be dragged into the 21st century.)

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