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June 25 - July 1, 2006

June 26, 2006
'What's This Guy Made Of!'
Four months after a devastating accident that could have sidelined him permanently, Florida speed skater Bret Whitman is back on skates.
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Battle of the Long Legs
Team Rainbo's Peter Starkowicz apparently learned his lesson last week: Don't let Flanders' Mike Anderson get ahead. Anderson won last week's Big Granite Marathon on a breakaway. Yesterday, Starkowicz wouldn't let him get away.
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June 27, 2006
'You Help Us, We'll Help You'
Now that USA Roller Sports is developing an inline-to-ice pipeline, the U.S. Olympic Committee is ready to take out its checkbook.
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New Skate Calendar To Roll Out Next Month
Send the Best is coming out with a 2007 Inline Skating calendar as part of their effort to support the U.S. World Speed Skating Team. The calendar will be ready next month and can be pre-ordered on the Send the Best web site.
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June 28, 2006
J-Rod Hangs 'em Up
Jennifer Rodriguez is retiring from skating after a varied career that began on roller skates, moved to inlines, and culminated with two bronze medals in ice speed skating at the 2002 Olympic Games. The 30-year-old former artistic roller skater told her hometown Miami Herald: "When I looked down deep, I realized I didn't have the motivation to compete at this high level anymore.''
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Fast Skates, Hot Tamales
The Mexican Skating Federation is laying out the welcome mat for foreign skaters. It is offering free food and lodging for those who attend its 4-day track and road event in Chiapas in August.
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June 29, 2006
Beat the Heat!

Too hot for skating? Never, says Skate Coach Kathy McSparran. In her latest column, Kathy shares her desert-honed tips for skating through the summer scorchers.
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June 30, 2006
Skate Tip of the Week:
Draft Behind Bikes

Drafting behind cyclists is a great way to learn to skate faster. Inline legend Eddy Matzger explains how it's done without offense to the cyclist's ego.

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A Place of Her Own
Can't get enough of Skate Coach Kathy McSparran's inline enthusiasm and rolling wisdom? No problem. Head over to her new Skate Coach Cafe, debuting today on the Inline Planet!
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