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June 18 - 24, 2006

June 18, 2006
50 & 15: Napa's Winning Numbers
Age was no obstacle for the winners of today's Napa Valley Inline Marathon in California. Team Safe's Dennis Humphrey, 50, won the men's race; Milpitas Speed's Nastassia Hamor, 15, won the women's.
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June 19, 2006
Skate Bytes
Another Race & Roll Is on the Way
rbcoverlogoThe third issue of Race & Roll skate magazine is at the printers and should start arriving in mail boxes later this week, says publisher Dan Archambeau. If you missed the cover story of the first issue, "4 People Working to Save Our Sport," you can now find it online in its entirety. In collaboration with R&R, the Inline Planet has posted the second half of the article.
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June 20, 2006
Photos of the Napa Marathon
kissesDownhill legend Dan Burger once again pulled double duty at the Napa Valley Inline Marathon: event photographer and barbecue chef. He did a great job at both.
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Skate Bytes
Freestyle in Detroit
naomigriggthumbUK freestyle champ Naomi Grigg will give two seminars in Detroit this August. The first is an evening workshop devoted to freestyle dance (Aug. 17); then comes a 2-day intro to freestyle slalom (Aug. 19-20).
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Not Just for Canadians
Canada's top marathoners will battle it out on July 9 in Montreal to determine the makeup of the country's national marathon team. But elite racers won't be the only ones skating. The Canadian Inline Marathon and Half Marathon is open to all skaters, including those south of the border.
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June 21, 2006
Skate Bytes
Rockin' Classic Comeback
Canceled last year due to scant pre-registration, the Rockin' Summer Classic is a definite for this year, the organizers say. The multi-race event (Aug. 5) features a day of skate racing on the San Diego Velodrome.
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Tot Skates Are Hot
item11Bravo Sports' kids skates have won a spot on eToys' 2006 Best Summer Toys List. Bravo (maker of Hyper Wheels) sells the skates as part of its "
Dora the Explorer" and "Barbie" Junior Roller Skate Kits. The kits include size-adjustable plastic skates and protective gear. Also making it onto eToys' list were the Mount Tikisoki Water Volcano (a glorified lawn sprinkler) and the Fun 'N Foam Factory (a foam maker). eToys says it selected toys that encourage active outdoor play.
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June 22, 2006
Prois Photos of Big Granite
warmupthumbPhotographer Darlene Prois was at it again last weekend, this time chronicling the splendor of the Big Granite Inline Marathon in Ashland, Wisc. As usual, the results are stunning.
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Coming Friday! ...
The debut of a new Planet feature:
Skate Tip of the Week, kicked off by none other than skate legend Eddy Matzger.

Skates Bytes
St. Paul Morphs Into Race Weekend
Organizers are adding an evening race to the Saint Paul Inline Marathon's "Skate Fest." Twenty elite men and women (in separate heats) will race 20 laps around Mears Park starting at 7:30 p.m. Saturday as the carbo-load diners look on.
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Mapper Hits 80!
mapperThe Group Skate Mapper reached another milestone today: 80 listings. Among the new entries are the Sunday City Skate in Philadelphia, the Team Rainbo Speed Practice in Chicago and the Brisbane Night Skate in Australia. Here's one that caught our eyes: the First Sunday Skate in Pompano Beach, Fla., with a "jazz brunch after the skate." Now that's civilized!
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Jessica Makes the Smartskate Choice
So how do you launch your sprint when you're skating without a team in the World Inline Cup? Hyper's Jessica Smith hopped aboard a "good bus" to claim her victory Sunday in Zurich, says race director Christophe Audoire.
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June 23, 2006
Learn to Swerve
You never know when you'll need to take evasive action, so learn to swerve. Skate legend Eddy Matzger explains how in the debut of the Planet's new Friday feature: Tip of the Week.
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Skate Bytes
Outdoor Racing Returns to Arizona
Arizona is back on the skate calendar with a new hybrid event designed to attract both indoor and outdoor racers. Skaters in the Arizona Rattlesnake Invitational (Oct. 15 in Chandler) will skate one-mile time trials to determine divisions and then compete in three races each of two to six miles. There will also be a team time trial event and free lessons for newbies.
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