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June 11 - 17, 2006

June 13, 2006
Innovator Starts New Company
fusionthumbSkate innovator George Neal proved his talent at Tru-Rev. Now he's striking off on his own with a new company.
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Rock 'n' Roll in the Rain
The Rollerquest crew won accolades last week at the Chesapeake Bay Asthma Tour. After skating 100 rainy miles, "we were applauded like it was the greatest feat ever accomplished."
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June 14, 2006
Meet the World Team
stbthumbHere's your chance to meet the next generation of Chad Hedricks and Joey Cheeks: Attend the Send the Best Social this summer in Lincoln, Nebr.
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Skate Bytes ...
S-1 is Sweet; S-5, You're Beat
Boston's J. Scot Mackeil thinks skaters need a system to classify pavement from perfectly smooth to perfectly awful. So he created one: the Scot Skating Surface Scale, or s3.
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Race for Bucks
World Team members will have ample reason to skate in the Independence Day Race of Champions (July 4) in Harrisonburg, Virg. Entry fees from the three races (one each for rec, masters and pro skaters) will be split evenly among the team members who attend.
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June 15, 2006
Photos of the Online Inline Half Marathon
KarathumbPhotographer Darlene Prois didn't send a ton of photos from last weekend's Online Inline Half Marathon. But the ones she sent are all keepers!
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Skate Bytes ...
Fill 'er Up!
The number of markers on the Group Skate Mapper climbed to 72 today with the addition of six new events and training skates. Among the newcomers: the Triad Speed Team in Citrus Heights, Calif., the Wednesday Night Skate in Pompano Beach, Fla., and the Friday Night Skate in Lisbon, Portugal.
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Skater Down
Oklahoma skater Christie Morrow was injured Wednesday when she veered into a parked truck while skating. She says she may have blacked out before the accident.
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Skate, Skate, Skate!
The skate season reaches full bloom this weekend with major events on both coasts and another in between. The action starts Friday with what is being billed as the "tenth and final" Philly Freedom Skate." On Saturday, the racing begins with Stage 2 of the Eastern Seaboard Series in Trexlertown, N.J., and the Big Granite Marathon in Ashland, Wisc. Then on Sunday, it's the Napa Valley Inline Marathon in Northern California.
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June 16, 2006
Bont's Hot New Wheels
mpc5thumbAustralian skate maker Bont announced a deal today to start distributing an innovative dual-density wheel for serious speed skaters with expansive pocket books.
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Skate Bytes ...
Rogue Deer at Big Granite
Remember that time a deer tried to cut through the pace line and knocked down a skater? ... Jim White does.
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Great EsSkate Sets a Date
Mark your calendars: Miami's annual weekend skate party is set for Feb. 9-11 next year.
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UK Freestyle Championships Set for July
Skaters will compete in freestyle slalom, speed slalom, high jump and freejump next month at the UK Freestyle Championships in London. Top skaters will qualify for the world freestyle championships in late August in Barcelona.
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June 17, 2006
Anderson, Peterson Win in Wisconsin

kara02Mike Anderson took a big lead in today's Big Granite Inline Marathon and finished 45 seconds before the next skater. Among the women, Adams Inline's Kara Peterson extended her Big Granite winning streak to six.
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