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... for the week of April 9-15, 2006

(April 9, 2006)
Jessica Smith, Max Presti Win in Korea
Skating solo, without the help of teammates, Hyper's Jessica Smith sprinted through the women's pack with about 300 meters left in the race and claimed a narrow victory in today's Seoul World Inline Cup in South Korea. In the men's race, Salomon Massimiliano Presti caught Rollerblade's Jorge Botero in the final meters for the win. (Go to the Seoul coverage.) (April 9, 2006)

(April 10, 2006)
Photos of the Seoul World Inline Cup
Massive start, cherry trees in bloom, Mad Max at the finish line, and the victorious hawk of Jessica Smith. The organizers sent us a few photos of Sunday's Seoul World Inline Cup. We married them with captions and posted them up. (Go to the Seoul photos.)

(April 11, 2006)
Dana Eads Wins Cal 50K
Dana Eads won the 50K Greg Levien Memorial Road Skate in San Mateo, Calif., on Sunday. Robert Motta Jr. finished second. The threat of rain without end (it rained 25 days last month in San Francisco) held down attendance, and last year's winner Eddy Matzger, having moved to Virginia, wasn't around to defend his crown. (Go to CORA race report.)

Skate Bytes ...
Korea's MBC-TV devoted an hour Sunday to coverage of the Seoul World Inline Cup. You don't need to understand Korean to come away admiring Jessica Smith's hard-earned win and the athleticism of the men's pack. (Go to video.)

(April 12, 2006)
St. Paul Marathon Is 'On Fire'
The current inline slump doesn't appear to be hurting the upstart St. Paul Inline Marathon. "Our numbers are on fire," says event cofounder Mike Cofrin. What accounts for the event's good fortune? (Go to the Planet story.)

Skate Bytes ...
The North of the 49th Inline Marathon will mark its ninth anniversary this summer. The Canadian event is set for Aug. 27th in Winnipeg's Birds Hill Park. (Go to announcement.) ... Olympic gold medalist Chad Hedrick is starting to reap the spoils. On April 21st, the former inline champion will be one of nine judges of the Miss USA 2006 pageant in Baltimore. (Go to list of judges.)

(April 13, 2006)
Jessica Smith Talks Seoul and the Olympics
Just back from Korea, where she won the Seoul World Inline Cup, Hyper's Jessica Smith talks about the race, her winning hawk and ... what you do next when you've already won all the marbles in the inline world. (Go the Planet podcast with Jessica Smith.)

Skate Bytes ...
Send a Fax Blast to urge San Francisco's supervisors to support Healthy Saturdays in Golden Gate Park. The trial measure would close a portion of Kennedy Drive on Saturdays, opening it up to skaters, cyclists and other recreational users. (Send your Fax Blast.)

(April 14, 2006)
Top 10 Real World Skate Tips
thumbnail of Kathy McSparranHills, water hazards, broken pavement, snakes. (Yes ... even snakes!) It's a jungle out there on the trail! But fortunately we've got Skate Coach (aka "Skates With Snakes") to help us on our way. (Read Kathy McSparran's Top 10 Real World Skate Tips.)

Skate Bytes ...
Detroit will have its own inline marathon this spring. The Wolverine Inline Marathon (May 27) will be part of the 200 Belle Isle Cycling Marathon. (Go to more info.) (Go to its spot on the Spring Event Calendar.)

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