1. Peter Starykowicz (Team Rainbo), Long Grove, Ill. 1:20:04
  2. Jack Wussler (Flanders), White Bear, Minn. 1:20:21
  3. Tim Scholbrock, Madison, Wisc.

  1. Kara Peterson (Adams Inline), St. Paul, Minn. 1:20:35

  1. Thomas McEvoy 1:29:59
  2. James Sokolowski 1:30:16
  3. Jeffrey Handeland 1:30:17

  1. Christie Berkseth 1:32:38
  2. Rayna Fuglie 1:41:12
  3. Julie Kokolus 1:45:47

Team Time Trial:

  1. Adams inline (1) 1:15:39.6
    Richy Amaya
    Thong Nguyen
    Dave Swan
    Bob Flemming
    Matt Meyer
  2. Flanders (1) 1:16:38.2
  3. Texas Fliers (1) 1:19:45.2
  4. Rainbo (1) 1:20:05.6
    (Team included Peter Starykowicz, who won the individual marathon and skated a total of 52 miles during the day.)

Mike Cofrin, one of the event organizers, sent along these other items of note:

  • The chief race official was Jim White
  • Media Machine fielded an all-womens team that skated an impressive 1:31:18
  • Peter Starykowicz slowed down in the pit stop area by sitting down and sliding on his rump, far more effective than dragging a foot. (Something to consider for next years rules).
  • Local NBC affiliate KARE 11 covered the race

(Updated Sunday, April 23, 2006)

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