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2006 Las Vegas High Roller Invitational
Highlights from the inline speed skating meet at Rancho Crystal Palace in Las Vegas, Nev.
Race results provided by Jim White

Surprise Winner in the 10,000 Meters Outdoors
By Planet staff

A relatively unknown skater from Washington State surprised the favorites to win the 10,000 meters today in the Las Vegas High Roller Invitational.

Nancy Lauritzen, 22, of Puyallup, Wash., finished a half lap in front of the favorites: Hyper's Jessica Smith and Powerslide's Brittany Bowe.

Lauritzen, a member of Tiffany's Speed Team in Puyallup, skated most of the 25-lap race with the lead pack. But with four laps to go, she took off.

"I just got in the lead and picked up the pace a little, and no one wanted to come with me," Lauritzen said after the race.

Joey Mantia won the men's race.

Women's 10,000 Meters

  1. Nancy Lauritzen
  2. Jessica Smith
  3. Brittany Bowe

Jessica Smith, Joey Mantia Dominate Indoors
By Planet staff

Hyper's Jessica Smith and Powerslide's Joey Mantia proved dominant indoors at the Las Vegas High Roller Invitational.

Smith, 22, of Melvindale, Mich., won the 1500 meters and grand champion race on Sunday.

Smith was able to hold off a challenge from the young Powerslide star Brittany Bowe, who splits her time between skating and basketball and showed up a day late for the tournament.

Among the men, Joey Mantia, 20, of Ocala, Fla., appeared to be at the top of his form. He won the 500 meters on Saturday with a time of 44.5 seconds. That's six-tenth of a second below the U.S. record.

In the 1500 meters, Mantia was in control for much of the race but appeared to let up in the late goings and so finished second to Chad Horne.

Sunday, March 19

Women's 1500 meters (Pro Elite):

  1. Jessica Smith (Hyper)
  2. Brittany Bowe (Powerslide)
  3. Heather Richardson (High Point)

Women's Grand Champion:

Jessica Smith
(Brittany Bowe, second; Alexandra Harris, third; Heather Richardson, fourth)

Men's (Pro Elite) 1500:

  1. Chad Horne
  2. Joey Mantia
  3. Jeremy Anderson

Men's Grand Champion:

Joey Mantia

Friday, March 17:

Senior 3-lady relay (age 14 and over)
distance: 6000 meters
winning team:
Jessica Smith, Heidi (Miller) Shockley and Kelly Gunther (Wolverines)

Senior 4-lady relay
distance: 4000 meters
winning team:
Jessica Smith, Heidi (Miller) Shockley and Kelly Gunther (Wolverines) and Mallory Pracale (Vegas Speed)

Senior 3-men relay
distance: 6000 meters
winning team:
Jonathan Garcia, Terrence Almond and Jarrod Fischer (Inside Edge)

Senior 4-men relay
distance: 4000 meters
winning team:
Michael Cheek, Chad Horne, Terrell Bradley and Hank Galbraith (High Point Speed)




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