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(Jan. 8, 2006)
On the Forum
Skaters Havens in the USA? - Can you help Margaret? She's in the hunt for a skate-friendly setting. She currently lives in Asheville, N.C., where her only option for skating is an old motor speedway that has been converted into a city park. "I want more," she says. (Go to her post.)

(Jan. 9, 2006)
Fila Skates Arrive in U.S. Market - The competition heats up again in the U.S. skate market with the introduction of Fila skates. And Fila won't just be selling skates in the United States. It will be putting them on the feet of its new Fila USA racing team. (Go to the Planet story.) (Jan. 9, 2006)

Skate Your Way to Healthy Bones - Inline skating is not only a good way to break bones (hehe), it's a good way to build them. According to a new Truestar Health article, rollerblading is an "impact loading" exercise for the hips and spine. Our bodies respond to impact loading by increasing the density of affected bones, thus making them stronger. Other good hip and spine exercises are walking, aerobics, cross country skiing and snowshoeing. Good exerices for wrists and arms include weightlifting and push ups. (Go to Truestar story.)

On the Forum
Did Double-Push Predate Chad? - Some top ice speed skaters in the '70s and '80s employed an "early push" to provide extra speed. So says Droid, a former member of the U.S. national team. (Go to his post.)

(Jan. 10, 2006)
Hedrick Emerges as Pre-Olympic Media Darling - Chad Hedrick's appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno appeared to provide a big boost to his growing celebrity. Not only did millions watch the show, in which Hedrick came across as likable and unpretentious (and even managed to score a few laughs), but millions more read the widely disseminated Associated Press story about his appearance. ... Rival speed skater Shani Davis must be thinking today, "Hey, guys! What about me?" (Go to AP story.)

Skate Couple Dies in South African Bus Crash - Willem van Heerden and his wife, Madelaine Joyce, died Monday in the crash of a tour bus in South Africa. The couple served as president and secretary of Roller Sports South Africa. One of the bus drivers was also killed. The bus was filled with skaters headed to Pretoria. The driver reportedly lost control of the bus after a tire burst. The bus went over an embankment and into a stream. Several skaters suffered broken bones and other injuries. Bont coach Bill Begg broke several fingers. Nonetheless, he was credited with pulling the injured driver from the water after the crash. The driver later died in surgery. (Go to news story.)

London Marathon Set for Aug. 6 - The London Inline Marathon 2006 has been scheduled for Aug. 6th. The marathon will be held on the Lee Valley Cycle Circuit in East London for the last time this year. The 1-mile circuit is slated to be torn up to make way for the 2012 London Games. (Go to marathon web site.)

(Jan. 11, 2006)
USOC Bites the Hand That Feeds It! - Apparently, it's true: No good deed shall go unpunished. Just as inline skaters prepare to make their greatest contribution to the Olympic Games, the U.S. Olympic Committee cuts their funding. ... How's that for gratitude! (Go to the Planet story.)

Montreal 24-Hour Relay Set for July - About 600 skaters are expected to compete in this year's 24hrs Inline Montreal. The event (July 15-16) is a relay race with teams competing to see who can skate the farthest in one full day. Teams (and a few solo skaters) circle a 2.7-mile Formula 1 racecourse. Last year's winning team (appropriately named Stamina) managed 151 laps for a grand total of 407.7 miles. Its average speed was 17.3 mph. (Go to event web site.)

Watch Hedrick Again! - Did you miss Chad Hedrick's appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno? No problem. Just head over to the California Outdoor Rollerskating web site, where D. Miles Jr. has posted the video. (Go to the video.)

(Jan. 12, 2006)
USOC May Find Way to Help Roller Sports - The U.S. Olympic Committee may reconsider its decision to cut funding for inline skating after the Winter Olympics. But it will depend on whether the governing bodies for inline skating and ice speed skating can agree on a joint plan to develop athletes for the Olympics. (Go to the Planet story.)

(Jan. 13, 2006)
Salomon Goes for the Win - Salomon is serious about winning the World Inline Cup this year. The team it announced today is the strongest (at least on paper) that anyone has put together in years. Topping its roster are the two top WIC skaters from last year. Rollerblade may have a hard time keeping up. (Go to the Planet story.) (Jan. 13, 2006)

Long Beach Grand Prix Gets Pushed Back Again - Plans for a new multi-sport Grand Prix in Long Beach have been put on hold. "It is still an event that we are planning to do, but not this year," said race director Blair Cohn of International City Racing. The company had originally planned the event for 2005, then pushed it back to 2006. Now it will "mostly likely" be in 2007, Cohn said. As originally announced, the event was to have included a 12-mile bicycle race, an 8-mile inline race, a 4-mile run and a unique skate-cycle-run triathlon. (Read more event news.)

(Jan. 16, 2006)
Should More Domes Get Rolling? - Once again this winter, inline skaters are flocking to the Metrodome in Minneapolis for fun and fitness. Since Christmas, the stadium's Rollerblade Rollerdome has averaged more than 500 skaters per date, says Mike Cofrin of Podium Sports Marketing. Casual skaters circle the lower concourse; fitness and speed skaters, the upper concourse. ... What explains the success? We asked Mike. (Go to his reply.)

(Jan. 14, 2006)
Skater Overcomes Broken Back to Reach Olympics - Charles Ryan Leveille was one of the inline speed skaters who flocked to the ice after the 2002 Olympics. A former inline champion (known as Ryan Cox), he did well. But in early 2004, he slipped during practice, slid into a wall and shattered a vertebra in his lower back. After a long recovery, he returned to short-track ice and then switched to long-track. His determination paid off last month when he won a spot on the U.S. speed skating team along with six other inline skaters. (Go to AP story.)

On the Forum
Landrollers Are Fast But 'Tricky' - Rolpol says the new slant-wheel skates are fast but tricky when it comes to cornering. Making a sharp turn, he fell and dislocated his shoulder. (Go to his post.)

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