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Low Walks and Wall Sits

Two top power drills for skaters

By Patrick Creveling

The Low Walk
Chris Creveling demonstrates low walks.

Photo: Patrick Creveling

Don't get discouraged by bad weather. Even if it's too wet or cold to skate, you can polish your form during the off-season by doing off-skate exercises.

As you've all heard before, one of the most important element of proper form is to learn to maintain the low skating position.

Maintaining the down position menas keeping your knees bent at nearly a 90-degree angle.

This takes a lot of strength, especially if you are carrying some weight. But you don't need any special equipment to develop this strength. All you need is a regular schedule of low walks and wall sits.

The Wall Sit
Chris demonstrates wall sits.

Photo: Patrick Creveling

The drills are simple, but challenging. Do them diligently and you'll build the strengh to go low. And once you get down, you'll be cooking with gas.

Low Walks

Bend your knees as close to 90 degrees and start walking. (You'll look like Groucho Marx without the cigar.). At the beginning, it helps if you swing your arms.

Wall Sits

Find a wall or other sturdy vertical surface. Place your back against it and your feet forward two or three feet. Slide down the wall, bending your knees until your legs form an angle of nearly 90 degrees. Sit there. ... You'll feel it.



Patrick CrevelingPatrick Creveling was born into a family of skaters in Pennsylvania. In 2001, he won the U.S. indoor national championships in 2001. In 2003, he was a member of the U.S. team at the World Championships. His brother Chris and sister Chelsea are also former World Team members. Patrick continues to skate and also teaches occasional Camp Creveling skate clinics.

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