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Cold Remedies

How to stay warm skating outside on a cold day


By Eddy Matzger

Skaters in the Cold

Bundled Up
Photo: Darlene Prois

Don't let nippy weather keep you off your skates this winter. Here are some suggestions that help me roll through the frigid months without freezing my tips off.

Undress for Success!

With colder weather nipping at your earlobes, you'll be inclined to layer yourself with clothing. But don't go overboard. It's easy to overdress for a skate and regret it later.

I start sweating if I wear too many layers and then get cold later when the intensity of my workout decreases.

The 'Dew Rag'

My teammate Dan Burger taught me a good trick to keep my ears warm. Cut the sleeve off a short sleeve shirt. Then slip it over your head and down over your ears.

It does double-duty as an earwarmer and a sweatband to keep the salt out of your eyes.

Arm Mitts

I've got my own method for keeping the winter bite off of my arms and hands. Take a good warm pair of tube socks and cut the toes out. Then slip the socks over your arms, foot-end first.

I find that my elbow fits perfectly in the heel socket.

To keep the wind out, I slip the elastic of a short-sleeve jersey over the edge of the toe holes.

When I've warmed up sufficiently, I take them off and stuff them in a pocket. They're still dry later when I start feeling cold again during my warm-down.


eddy matzgerEddy Matzger is one of the winningest skaters in the history of inline racing and leader of the popular Eddy Matzger SkateFarm and Roadshows. He makes his home in Floyd, VA, site of the Skate Farm. When he's not skating in the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains, he's traveling around the globe, where he's in high demand as a teacher and coach. His longtime sponsor is Twincam bearings. (Eddy Matzger interview.)

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