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Why Can't I Get on an Outside Edge?

Nov. 14, 2012




QHi, Bill: I have a hard time getting up on my outside edge on my right skate , though no such problems at all with the left skate. Is this a pronation problem? Could it be corrected by making adjustments to my skate? - Chad from Rhode Island

Ask the Coach!

Hi, Chad: Having never seen you skate, I can’t say with any certainty what is causing your problem. But there are four things that could be happening:

1) You are failing to transfer your body weight over your recovery foot.

2) You are failing to position your hips outward.

3) You are pronating. In other words, you are allowing your ankle to pivot toward the side.

4) Your skates and frames are misaligned.

If the cause is a misaligned skate, you can usually fix it by installing packers (also called wedges or shims) between your skate and your frame (plate). Place the packers on the outside of your foot so they turn the frame inward slightly. Start small and add more packers if needed.

Adding packers can also help correct pronation. (Bill's column on Using packers to correct pronation.)

If the problem is your body transfer or hip position, work on your form.

Cheers, Bill

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