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Where Can I Skate in Auckland, NZ?

Oct. 31, 2012




QKia Ora, Bill: I’m a past recreational inline skater and I want to get back into it. I’ve just moved to the North Shore of the Auckland region of New Zealand, and I was wondering about the legal status of street skating. I haven’t seen many skaters around — just runners, bikers and skateboarders. Thank you, look forward to your reply. - Tu from New Zealand.

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Hi, Tu: Unfortunately, the law hasn’t changed. Street skating is still illegal in New Zealand, and this ban is enforced on the North Shore.

But you can find some good skating nearby, along the south bays above the city of Auckland. Skaters can often be found on the pathways, and new skaters can rent skates on Akahu Bay at Ferg’s Kayaks, the shop of Olympic canoe champion Ian Ferguson.

When I lived in Auckland, the speed skaters would train on the Mt. Wellington go-cart track and One Tree Hill.

In Timaru, where I live now, speed skating has gained a high public profile, due to the success of our local skaters in international competition. Here, skating and skateboarding are allowed on footpaths, and our children are encouraged to skate, skateboard or scooter to school as a way of staying healthy and strong.

We are becoming a small-wheel friendly city. But unfortunately, that’s just us. The North Shore is still the North Shore.

Cheers, Bill


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