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What Can I Do to End End Ankle Pain?

Oct. 10, 2012




QHi, Bill: I am struggling with pain and inflammation on my outside right ankle near the top of my boot. My local skate guru says I have classic pronation and he has pushed the boot out a bit and adjusted the frame. But my skate buddies say I do not pronate. I don’t know what to do, but I’m thinking about taking up knitting if I can't solve this. Any help would be appreciated. - Dave from Minneapolis

Ask the Coach!

Hi, Dave: You're not alone. Ankle pain is one of the most common problems of speed skaters.

Almost every skater has it at one time or another, and the problem is so prevelant that at least one skate shop, the World Inline Center in Switzerland, has a foot specialist on staff to adjust new skates to the individual differences of its customers' feet.

Your local skate guru has already tried the standard fixes for ankle pain: pushing out the boot around the sore area and adjusting the frame to correct for pronation.

You could also try wearing wearing ankle booties, like the ones made by Ezeefit. They can help, especially if the problem is rubbing.

Another thing that might help is to concentrate on polishing your technique and avoiding pronation. For tips on how to do this, read my Six Steps to Straightline Speed.

If, despite all your efforts, your ankle still hurts, make an appointment with a foot specialist, such as a podiatrist or a sports physician who specializes in feet and ankles.

A specialist should be able to diagnose your problem and prescribe a solution, such as an orthotic boot insert.

Hang in there. You haven’t exhausted all your options yet. Besides, I don’t think you are ready for knitting needles.

Cheers, Bill

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