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'Can I Teach Myself Double Push?'

Feb. 29, 2012




QHello, Mr. Begg: Can I teach myself double push? - Ryan from Indonesia.


Ask the Coach!

Hi, Ryan: Yes, you can teach yourself double push technique. But it’s best to learn it from a knowledgeable coach or training partner.

If you are going to do it on your own, start by studying some videos of skaters doing double push correctly.

Two great athletes to watch are Chad Hedrick and Joey Mantia. Hedrick was the original exponent of the double push, and this technique really suited his unnatural body shape.

Mantia developed an immensely powerful double push, although his style is difficult to perform unless you can also match his incredible strength.

Mimic what you see in the videos and follow my “Six Steps to Straight Line Speed” series of articles. If you perfect the six steps, double push will come naturally.

After your full push to the side (your regular push), lift your foot and perform the “D” recovery loop, bringing your foot back around behind you.

Then, land your recovery skate underneath you and drive it forward. This should naturally put you on a nice outside edge and your wheels should come under the body to a position directly below — or past — the opposite shoulder.

Be sure to fully transfer your body weight from leg to leg on each stroke.

Once you start to get a feel for the double push, check your progress by watching videos of yourself. Have someone videotape you from the front and the side. Then watch the video and compare what you are doing to what the pros do.

Be patient with yourself. It can take some time to learn the double push. But stick with it and eventually you’ll get the feel for it.

Cheers, Bill

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