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How to Join the International Skate World

Dec. 21, 2011




QHi, Bill. I am the secretary of a registered skating association in India. We are affiliated with our state Olympic association and have a network of more than 10,000 skaters. We are keen to associate with a recognized international skating organization. But we are not sure how to do this. Can you tell us? Regards, Arvind Gupta, Association of Roller Skating, Uttarakhand, India.

Ask the Coach!

Hi, Arvind: The International Olympic Committee recognizes one organization as the official governing body for inline and roller skating: the Federation International of Roller Sports (FIRS).

For its part, FIRS recognizes — according to its website — one organization as the governing body for roller sports in your country: the Roller Skating Federation of India.

In order for your skaters to compete in continental and world championships, they must be affiliated with your national organization. That is the rule.

I realize this could be complicated for you in India, where there are several competing skate associations and it is unclear which one is running the show.

But unless FIRS recognizes a different national governing body, you must affiliate with the Roller Skating Federation of India if you want your skaters to be able to participate in national, continental and international competitions.

I hope this is something you can do.

Cheers, Bill

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