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Six Simple Steps to Straight Line Speed

No. 5: The 'D' Loop Recovery

Oct. 12, 2011




"D" loop recovery

The back foot is hidden behind the front leg at one point in the "D" loop

Photo: Dan Burger

Ask the Coach!

Your foot makes the shape of a capital “D” when you push to the side and get ready for your next push.

The top of the “D” is your push to the side. The tip of the tongue of the “D” is the furthest extension of your push to the side.

When you reach this point, you lift your foot, close your hips with the toe pointed inwards, and loop your leg around behind your body.

This is the bottom half of the “D.”

As you loop your foot behind, be sure to point your toe toward the heel of the support skate.

At one point in the recovery loop, your foot should be directly behind the support leg, so that if someone were watching you from the front, your back foot would be hidden behind your front leg.

This happens because as as your foot is looping around back, your front skate is coming across your center line on your outside wheel edges.

This is the how it is done by virtually every top speed skater.

Step 6: High Back Leg Lift and Knee Drive

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