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Sept. 24, 2011

Planet report

12:40 am | Hard at the end

Today's winners were in complete agreement about one thing: finishing the race was tough.

Julien Sourisseau says he wanted to attack on the big hill near the end of the last lap. But his legs were so sore that he couldn't.

He had to wait for the final downhill, a few hundred yards before the finish line, and that's where he finally dropped the Colombian Carlos Puerto, who finished second.

After finishing, he was ready to go back to his hotel.

"My back is very painful ... and my legs, too. And I want to take a shower," said the 25 year old from Toulouse, France. "To climb that hill 19 times is tough. But it was great."

It was Sourisseau's first time in the New York 100K, but not his first ultra-distance event. He finished third in the 2008 in the St. Gallen, Inline One Eleven.

The women's winner Jessica Gaudesaboos also struggled during the final laps. "It was very, very hard," she told Speed Skate World's Peter Doucet.

Gaudesaboos skated alone the last five laps on the race, stretching her lead to several minutes at one point. "She looked very strong," Doucet says.

But on the final lap, Marcy Turek and Kara Peterson nearly caught her.

Adam Inline's David Sarmiento was pleased with his sixth place finish in the men's race. It earned him second place in the 2011 National Roller Cup behind Atom Wheel's Joey Mantia.

Last year, Sarmiento misfired in the 100K, finishing 20th. "This year, I trained more and I felt better," he says. "Sometimes during the race, I left really, really tired. But other times, I felt really good."

11:58 am | Gaudesaboos wins

Gaudesaboos crosses finish line

Belgium's Jessica Gaudesaboos wins the women's race with a time of 3 hours and 41 minutes.

Asphalt Beach's Marcy Turek crosses the line about 10 seconds later to claim second place; Adams Inline's Kara Peteson is a few seconds back in third place.

Gaudesaboos, 21, of Varsenare, Belgium, is a former member of the Belgian world team and a veteran of the French Inilne Cup.

The Asphalt Beach women are still on the racecourse.

11:27 am | Sourisseau wins

Julien Sourisseou crosses finish line

France's Julien Sourisseau wins the New York 100K. Colombia's Carlos Puerto is second.

Sourisseau, 25, of Toulouse, France, outsprinted Puerto, finishing ahead by a few seconds. Sourisseau is a member of the RPM Poli team.

A few minutes later, another of the Colombians claims third place, followed by Twincam's Eddy Matzger, who won the race last year.

Ezeefit's Luis Carlos Mejia is next, followed by Adams Inline's David Sarmiento. By finishing ahead of Il Peloton's Sergio Almeralla, Sarmiento puts a lock on second place in 2011 National Roller Cup.

Next to arrive at the finish line are K2/Empire's Francisco Ramirez and Sergio Almeralla. They are seventh and eighth.

11:15 am | Two laps to go

Sourisseau and Puerto are now 4 minutes and 45 seconds ahead of the chase pack ... if you can call it that. It only has two members: Eddy Matzger and David Sarmiento. Sergio Almeralla has fallen back and is now about eight minutes behind the leaders.

If Sarmiento can stay ahead of Almeralla, Joey Mantia will win the 2011 National Roller Cup and Sarmiento will finish second.

Belgium's Jessica Gaudesaboos is still on her own, leading the women's race with three laps to go.

11:04 am | Three laps to go

Julien Sourisseau and Carlos Puerto have extended their lead to two minutes with about 16 kilometers to go. They may be hard to catch. But there's still time.

10:50 am | Lap 15

Two men remain in the breakaway: Julien Sourisseau and the Colombia's Carlos Puerta. Puerta is 21 and skates for Bogata's Bacata team.

They are a minute ahead of the chase pack of Eddy Matzger, Justin Mannon (Empire Speed), Luis Carlos Mejia and David Sarmiento.

Another 30 seconds back is Sergio Almeralla, Francisco Ramirez and Jerome Urban-Comtois.

Peter Doucet has dropped out of the race. "His feet are done," says Morgane Echardour. "But he wants to continue."

10:41 am | Lap 14

Three man breakaway

France's Julien Sourisseau is out in front again. With him are two Colombians. They are 40 seconds ahead of a chase pack that includes David Sarmiento, Eddy Matzger and a few others.

Il Peloton's Sergio Almeralla is in another group, 20 seconds back.

Five laps to go for the leaders.

Belgium's Jessica Gaudesaboos is on her own now, leading the women's 100K.

10:33 am | Lap 12

The men's pack is about to catch the breakaway. A couple Colombians are out front but only by a couple of seconds. Sergio Almeralla is back in the pack.

Toronto Inline's Peter Doucet and Shankel-Kallisto's Morgan Williams have dropped back behind the pack.

Jessica Gaudesaboos and one of the Colombian girls are leading the women's race.

10:14 | Breakaway

Il Peloton's Sergio Almeralla and several Colombians are out front on a breakaway. They are about a minute and a half ahead of the pack. But there's still nearly a full marathon distance to skate

10:03 am | 11th lap

The men are still together, although the pack is shrinking. France's Julien Sourisseau attacked on the last lap but couldn't get away.

The women are a lap behind now. Only three remain in the lead pack now that the marathon skaters have finished. Two of the women are Colombians, the other is Belgium's Jessica Gaudesaboos.

The Asphalt Beach women having fallen back. Candy Wong has dropped off the pace.

9:45 am | Marathon

Empire Speed's Gustavo Naula wins the men's marathon. He's a 27 year old from Ecuador.

A Colombian woman wins the women's marathon; Martine Charbonneau is second.

9:36 am | Seventh lap

One of the men from the Calvano team (Ron Marfori or Matthew William McGurn) is leading the men's pack. Next is Eddy Matzger and Luis Carlos Mejia.

Sergio Almeralla is several skaters back. David Sarmiento is in the middle of the pack. Peter Doucet is still in the back.

Four women caught the women's breakaway, forming a new lead pack of six, including Jessica Gaudesaboos but none of the Asphalt Beach women.

9:29 am | Women's breakaway on Lap 6

Colombia's Daniela Gonzalez and Canada's Martine Charbonneau are out front on a breakaway. Gonzalez is a 15-year-old girl from the Bocata team.

Six women are in the chase back behind them. The pack includes four women from the Asphalt Beach team: Candy Wong, Jessica Wright, Nadine Currie-Jackson and Elisabeth White.

9:10 am | Fifth lap

Adams Inline's David Sarmiento is sitting in the middle of the pack. He's currently in second place in the pro open National Roller Cup standings and needs to beat Il Peloton's Sergio Almarella today to remain in second place.

Almarella is about three-quarters of the way back in the pack. If he is the first NROC skater to finish today, he will win a tie for first place in the NROC open pro division. Joey Mantia guaranteed himself at least a tie for first with his second-place finish in last week's Northshore Inline Marathon.

Toronto Inline's Peter Doucet, who is in fourth place in NROC, is near the pack of 25 skaters. So is last year's winner, Eddy Matzger.

A Colombian girl leads the pack of 12 women. Martine Charbonneau is right behind her.

9 am | Fourth lap

Three unknown (to us) Colombian men in the lead. The pack is still large.

Colombia's Melissa Gomez leads the women's pack followed by another Colombian, then Martine Charbonneau.

8:52 am | Third lap

It's another sprint lap. The Colombians take the men's points again. But this time, Canada's Martine Charbonneau gets the women's points.

Charbonneau is a 33-year-old graphic designer from Montreal.

8:41 am | Second lap

Two Colombians are in the lead followed by Luis Carlos Mejia (who is also a Colombian) and the Frenchman Julien Sourisseau.

It's a sprint prem lap, meaning the top two skaters to cross the start/finish line earn points toward the sprint championship.

Two Colombian girls win the women's sprint, followed by Martine Charbonneau.

8:27 am | End of first lap

Ezeefit's Luis Carlos Mejia is in the lead as the skaters come around at the end of the first lap. Some 30 to 35 skaters are in the men's lead pack.

No cross-drafting is allowed, so the pro women come by a couple minutes later in their own pack. US Junior Team member Melissa Perry is at the front of the pack of 15 skaters.

Side note: the men's leader, Mejia, is 50 years old. He finished fifth in the 100K last year.

8:17 am | Race is underway

Start for elite men

Elite men go first. Then masters. Then ladies.

Elite women's start

The 100K is 19 laps on the hilly road course through Prospect Park; the full marathoners is 8. One lap is 5.3 kilometers.

Twincam's Eddy Matzger won last year's race with a time of 3 hours, 1 minute and 43 seconds.

8:15 am | National anthem

Morgane Echardour says it feels very strange not to be racing this year.

She won the race the last two years.

"It is the first time I am at the race and not skating," she says. "But PanAm games are the most important thing right now, so I am glad to be here supporting my friends."

8:05 am | Waiting for start

Skaters are on the starting line.

Canada's Martine Charbonneau is skating the marathon, saving her legs for the Pan American Games, where she will be competing in the distance events.

Belgium's Jessica Gaudesaboos is on the line. She will likely be one of the top women in the 100K.

Organizer Francisco Ramirez is going over the instructions in Spanish now.

7:57 am | Skaters warming up

"I'm right beside a bunch of unknown Colombians that are looking like beasts," says Morgane Echardour. "There's about 15 of them, ranging from kids to grownups. ... Eddy Matzger is feeling strong."

Echardour will be serving as the support person for teammate and boyfriend Peter Doucet.

Melissa Perry, US junior team member, is warming up. So is Julien Sourisseau from France.

7:49 am | Rain stopped

The rain stopped sometime during the night. "It looks like no rain, but it's doubtful that the racecourse will dry," says Toronto Inline's Morgane Echardour.

Echardour is training for the Pan American Games and will not be racing today.

It's reportedly clear and 76 degrees. Humidity is 100 percent.

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