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Metrodome Inline Marathon

By Planet staff
March 19, 2011

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Metrodome Inline Marathon

3:55 | Metrodome recap: It's great to have the Metrodome Inline Marathon back in the National Roller Cup. It's a fantastic event.

In all, 228 skaters competed in the event's three marathons.

Hoigaard's Ovid Westin smashed the course record to win the solo marathon.

Then Adams Inline posted a time 71 seconds faster to win the team time trial.

Thanks to Mike Cofrin and Adam Bradley for providing updates. And check back later for some great photos by Thong Nguyen.

The full results are posted here.

Next stop: the Texas Road Rash, April 16th, in Round Rock.

3:36 | Top 5 Teams: Adams Inlinewon the team time trial with a time of 1:11:36.8. That's more than a minute faster than the winning time in the solo marathon (1:12:47.96).

Top 5 teams:

  1. Adams Inline: 1:11:36.8
  2. Skateway Gators: 1:14:32.3
  3. Midwest Skate Club 1: 1:16:14.8
  4. Midwest Skate Club 2: 1:17:38.9
  5. Max Muscle: 1:17:46.7

3:15 | Video of Adams Inline winning the Team Time Trial

Adam Bradley's video of Adam Inline winning the Team Time Trial

2:46 | Adams Inline wins it: The only competition at the end was against the clock. The Adams Inline team members wanted to beat the solo marathon time, in order to win the first place NROC points. So they pushed hard all the way to the finish line.

"Danny (Frederick) was a monster," said team manager Adam Bradley. "He was pulling a lot for the last 10 laps. So was (David) Sarmiento."

Bradley said he wasn't sure why Tom Peterson dropped out. "He may have fallen." But he praised Kara Peterson for keeping up with the three other teammates despite the fact that she was skating on 100mm, rather than 110mm, wheels.

"She was on 100s, but she was still able to pull 58-second laps," Bradley said. "This might have been one of the toughest races she's ever had."

The win earns 100 points each for the four NROC members on the team. That puts David Sarmiento and Matt Mayer in first place in NROC's Pro Open Men's Division, Danny Frederick in first place in NROC's Pro Master Men's Division, and Kara Peterson in first place in NROC Pro Master Women's Division.

2:32 | Final 10: With 6K left, Adams Inline appears headed for victory. "They are clearly in the lead," says Mike Cofrin.

The Skateway Gators is next, but Midwest Skate Club is only about 20 yards behind them, so there may be a battle for second place.

2:24 | 20 to go: Most of the teams are down to four skaters now. That's the minimum needed to stay in the race.

The leaders are the same: Adams Inline in the lead with Midwest and the Skateway Gators contending for second and third.

"A little fatigue is visible now," says Mike Cofrin. "But overall, they're still pounding pretty good."

2:16 | 30 to go: We're past the halfway point now. A few of the teams, including Adams Inline and the Skateway Gators, have dropped a skater.

Tom Peterson dropped from the Adams Inline pack. But his wife, Kara, is still hanging with the boys.

1:55 | 48 laps to go: Adams Inline is cruising in first place after 22 laps; Midwest Skate Club 1 (aka Pierce) is in second; the Skateway Gators appear to be in third.

One of the Max Muscle skaters fell but was able to quickly catch back up.

The members of the Midwest Skate Club 1 team are Todd Schneider, Andrew Peper, Greg Miller, Ted Petroskey and Don Howard.

1:47 | 10 laps in: Adams Inline, Max Muscle and Skateway Gators (the three favorites) are looking strong after the first ten laps on the concourse. Sixty laps to go.

Teams were set out onto the racecourse ten seconds apart. The final time for each team is based on the time of its fourth skater. Any skater who dropped back must leave the race.

1:35 | Start of Team Time Trial: The team time trial is underway.

12:57 | Waiting: Results are not yet available from the open marathon and half marathon. In the meantime, skaters are getting ready for the start of the team time trial, which starts in about 15 minutes.

The three strongest teams appear to be Adams Inline, Max Muscle and the Skateway Gators (formerly Anderson Valley).

The Adams Inline team is Danny Frederick, David Sarmiento, Matt Meyer Robert McLaughlin, and Tom and Kara Peterson. (Correction: Meyer replaced McLaughlin on the team after the roster was announced.)

The Max Muscle team is Eric Plath, Michael Mullery, Phil Moen, Mike DeZellar and Rayna Meyer.

The Skateway Gators are Earl Kendall, Daniel Collins, Jason Mann, Andy Uttke and John Schulte.

Last year, a team from the Midwest Skate Club won the time trial. But the skaters who were on that team, including Ovid and Frederick, have moved to other teams or are not competing today.

Seven teams with a total of 41 skaters are signed up for the time trial. One team, Max Muscle 2.0, is composed of younger skaters: four boys and a girl.

11:13 | Open (rec) Marathon: Nice crowd for the open (non-pro) marathon: 127 skaters are on the concourse.

Among them are about two dozen roller girls on quad skates and the big man on campus, Bill Lester, executive director of the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission, which runs the Dome.

11:04 | It's semi official: Ovid Westin of Saint Francis, MN, won the solo Metrodome Inline Marathon and also apparently smashed the course record by a full minute.

His time was 1:12:47.96.

That beats the course record of 1:13:47 set last year by Adam Inline's Dave Swan.

10:26 | Unofficial top four:

  1. Ovid Westin 1:12:47
  2. Dave Swan 1:13:04
  3. Steve Meisinger 1:13:08
  4. Jeff Terwilliger 1:13:33

Note: This order could change as more skaters finish.

Last year, Westin was a member of the Midwest Skate Club team that won the Metrodome team time trial.

10:07 | 10 to go: Jeff Terwilliger is the first skater to finish 60 laps. He's got 10 to go, about 6K.

But several other skaters who started after Jeff soon record their 60th laps, among them last year's winner Dave Swan and Jack Wussler. It's still not clear who's in the lead.

9:50 | Spill: After reaching the halfway point, members of the Hoigaard's team were skating in a paceline when several of them hit the floor. "They bounced right back up. It probably didn't cost them more than 10 seconds," says Mike Cofrin.

9:42 | Half way: Hoigaard's Jeff Terwilliger was the first skater to finish 35 laps, half the 70.7 laps that make up the full marathon.

But that doesn't necessarily mean Jeff's leading the race. The skaters don't start the race together. They are started one at a time with a few seconds between them, and Terwilliger was one of the first to start. So one of the later starters could have a better time, even if he is physically behind Terwilliger on the racecourse.

9:12 | They're off: The first race — the marathon for the pro and faster advanced skaters — is underway in the Metrodome in downtown Minneapolis. The outside temperature is 27 degrees (F). But inside the Dome, it's a pleasant 65 degrees.

"The weather is perfect," says Podium Sports' Mike Cofrin.

About 40 skaters are in the first marathon. Among them are last year's winner (and course record holder) Dave Swan of Adams Inline. He's skating with Jack Wussler.

Other skaters on the course include the members of the Hoigaard's team and Team Rainbo leader Cale Carvell.









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