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Ottawa Set for Inline Festival and Skating's Triple Crown

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By Planet Staff
Sept. 2, 2010

Start of the 10K at the 2009 Ottawa Inline Festival

Start of the 10K at last year's Ottawa Inline Festival.
Photo: Nathalie Larouche


The 2010 National Roller Cup drives into its final month Sunday with one of Canada’s premier skate events, the Ottawa Inline Festival.

The festival features a full day of racing, including the Triple Crown, an epic series of three races, a 10K, 21K, and 42K, over the course of one afternoon.

Veterans of the Triple Crown describe the final event, the 21K, as the longest half marathon in the inline world.

Pro NROC skaters will earn points in the Triple Crown; advanced skaters will earn points in the marathon; junior skaters will earn points in the full marathon; and freshman skaters in the full or half marathon.

All the races will be on a freshly paved section of the Rockcliffe Parkway along the Ottawa River.

The race is drawing mostly Canadian skaters this year, among them Speed Skate World’s Peter Doucet and Morgane Echardour; Il Peloton’s Sergio Almeralla; Asphalt Beach’s Candy Wong; and Stephane Tremblay. Among the U.S. names are Skaters Quest’s Brian Oswald and Asphalt Beach’s Steve Larios.

“We are hoping our American friends will show up on race day,” said Mike Cousineau of the Ottawa Inline Skating Club, which organizes the inline festival.

The festival also includes a 5K family race, designed to give youngsters a chance to skate a race with all the features of pro racing, including race bibs, finishers medals, award ceremony and prizes for the top three boys and girls.

Weather may be a factor Sunday. A storm front is moving into the area today, but may play out by the start of racing at 1:15 p.m. Sunday. Forecasters are pegging the chance of rain at 30 percent.

The Inline Planet will feature live blog coverage of the event on Sunday.

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