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By Planet staff
Sept. 10, 2010

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Photos from the NorthShore Expo

4:41 pm | Who's racing tomorrow?: Bont's Juan Nayib Tobon, who won the Basel World Inline Cup; Tru-Rev Julian Rivera, winner of last year's NorthShore; Powerslide's Jorge Botero (but he's skating pro master with teammate Tony Muse); K2/Excel's Francisco Ramirez; Twincam's Eddy Matzger; Ezeefit and Olympic speed skater Trevor Marsicano is here and may skate, depending on the weather: Simmons' Alex Fedak, Rob Bell, Drew Valinsky and Adam Miller (who won NorthShore in 2008).

Women: Bont's Briana Kramer Sophie Webb; K2/Excel's Nicole Bischoff: Ezeefit's Jilleanne Rookard (Olympic speed skater) may skate, depending on the weather.

Jorge Botero Interview, Part 1

Jorge Botero Interview, Part 2










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