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Indy Series Heads to Southeastway Park

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By Planet Staff
Aug. 5, 2010

Thomas Stergar's course preview video

Indianapolis’ new outdoor race series moves into the home stretch Sunday with its fourth of five inline marathons.

Once again, the series is visiting a different Indianapolis park. This time it’s woodsy Southeastway Park on the southeast edge of the city.

The race is competing with several other skate events this weekend, including the Minnesota Half Marathon, the Montreal 24hr and Outdoor Nationals. So the organizers don’t expect a big crowd.

But they have been heartened to hear from several NROC skaters who will be skating the Minnesota Half on Saturday and then driving 10 hours for the 8 a.m. (EDT) start of the Indy marathon.

"It’s great," said Thomas A. Stergar II, the inline coordinator of Planet Adventure, which organized the new skate series.. "It’s a testament to the NROC points system. They’re coming down here to chase points."

The Indy marathon is a Class A NROC event.

Among the diehards who will be driving down from Minnesota will be three division leading NROC skaters: Adams Inline’s Ty Fidler (open), Hoigaard’s Herb Gayle (veteran), and Asphalt Beach’s Steve Larios (grand vet).

The skaters in the marathon — there's also a half — will skate 44 laps on a .6-mile loop. Stergar says the pavement is of "better than average" quality, similar to the Eagle Creek course.

The forecast Sunday is for sunshine with morning temperatures in the upper 70s.

The Inline Planet will provide coverage of the race on Sunday morning.

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