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Indy Series Rolls Toward Finale

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By Planet Staff
Aug. 26, 2010

Thomas Stergar's course preview video

Planet Adventure polishes off its first season of inline racing Saturday with a circuit race in Plainfield, Indiana, and plans to offer more skate events next year.

Saturday’s race is a half and full marathon on fresh pavement in Hummel Park, near the Indianapolis International Airport. It is the fifth and final race in Planet Adventure’s new inline series and a Class A event in the 2010 National Roller Cup.

So far, the series hasn’t drawn large numbers of skaters. But the organizers say they aren't discouraged.

“Planet Adventure is very happy with inline,” said Thomas A. Stergar, the company’s inline coordinator. “We’ve definitely been more successful then we thought.”

The Indianapolis-based company has piggy-backed the inline races on to cycling events. This has worked well at some events, but less well at others, where skaters experienced sub-par pavement and problems with timing chips that were apparently designed for cycling.

“We listened, learned and responded to what people told us,” Stergar said. “Now we know where to skate and where not to skate in the future.”

Skaters should have no issues with the pavement Saturday. The racecourse is a .6-mile loop on 1-year-old asphalt, Stergar said. “It is extremely smooth.”

After the race, Planet Adventure will award prizes to winners of its inline series. First-place finishers will win sports sunglasses, provided by one of the series sponsors, Vinci, a sporting goods retailer.

Planet Adventure is making plans for more inline races next year, Stergar said. “The most significant change will be that we will likely have fewer events but with more variety.”

Stergar said one of the races will coincide with Indoor Nationals, which will be in Fort Wayne next year. The race will be at Winona Lake in Warsaw, IN.

Forecasters are predicting sunny skies and a temperature of 62 degrees for the start of the half and full marathon at 8 a.m. EDT.

The Inline Planet will provide coverage of the race on Saturday morning.

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