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Live updates from the racecourse:
Eastern Seaboard Series, No. 2
& the Apostle Islands Inline Marathon

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By Planet staff
June 19, 2011

(These events are happening simultaneously. We'll post all updates in Pacific Daylight Time. ... Refresh your page to get the latest update)
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Apostle Islands Inline Marathon

Open Men

  1. Danny Frederick 1:14:09
  2. Hernan Diaz 1:14:?
  3. Gary Johnson 1:14:10.4

Open Women

  1. Kara Peterson 1:14:28.6
  2. Rayna Meyer 1:19:59.3
  3. Sarah Oftendahl

Master Men

  1. Mike Anderson 1:10:20.6
  2. James Kauth 1:14:35.6
  3. Conrad Thomas 1:14:39.6

Master Women

  1. Martha Flynn-Kauth 1:21:57.3
  2. Chris Wright 1:29:45

Veteran Men

  1. Jeff Terwilliger 1:12:38.8
  2. Avoid Westin 1:12:39.7
  3. Randy Plett 1:12:40.4

Veteran Women

  1. Sarah GutKnecht 1:27:43.5
  2. Karen Smith


full results (not yet available)

8:47 am | Apostle Islands: Midwest Skate Club's Danny Frederick and Adams Inline's Kara Peterson win the open pro divisions of the inaugural Apostle Islands Inline Marathon (on cell phone challenged Madeline Island, which is why it took us so long to get results.)

Frederick posted a time of 1 hour, 14 minutes and 9 seconds on the three lap course. Peterson was only 19 seconds slower.

But the fastest time of the day came in the master mens division, won by Midwest Skate Club's Mike Anderson in a time of 1:10:20.6.

The skater with the second best time of the day was Team Hoigaard's Jeff Terwilliger, who won the hotly contested pro vet's division with a time of 1:12.38.8.

Midwest Skate Club's Martha Flynn-Kauth won the women's master division (1:21:57); Sarah Gutknecht won the vet's division (1:27.43.5).

The island racecourse was a hit with skaters.

"This course is the best course I've seen," said pro vet Phil Moen of Team Max Midwest. "It's like skating on glass the entire way."

The racers were set out upon the road course in waves. The open, master and veteran divisions all started separately.

8:01 am | Trexlertown: World team member Samantha Goetz wins in a photo finish. Frenchtown's Chelsea Creveling is second; teammate Liz Drenkhahn is third; Alex Harris, fourth.

7:50 am | Trexlertown: Bell lap: Samantha Goetz is leading a small pack of eight skaters. Right behind her sister Kim, followed by World Team member Alex Harris, April Albanese, Liz Drenkhahn and Chelsea Creveling.

7:38 am | Trexlertown: CMS Plus's April Albanese, 18, leads heading into the woods on the fifth lap. This could be April's last inline race. She's heading to the Olympic training center in Marquette, MI, to start training for short track ice. And you know how those U.S. ice coaches hate to let their skaters skate inline!

7:38 am | Trexlertown: The pro women (freshman thru master) are on the course. With two laps down, the lead pack has thinned down to 12 skaters. SOS's Samantha Goetz and Luigino's McKenzie Brown are trading leads.

Eastern Seaboard Series,
No. 2


Pro Master Men

  1. David Dolnick
  2. Craig Yannuzzi
  3. Knowl Johnson
  4. Brian Oswald
  5. Joe Cussack
  6. Anderson Herbert

Pro Veteran Men

  1. Herb Gayle
  2. Jeff Foster
  3. Glenn Corso
  4. Jay Markwalder
  5. Kevin Larson
  6. Miguel Patino
  7. Jim McKee
  8. Tom Kolinchak
  9. Barry Cowell

Pro Senior Men

  1. Keith Carroll
  2. Justin Mannon
  3. John Racine
  4. Olivier Jean
  5. James Springer
  6. Ryan Weiderhold

Pro Junion Men

  1. Kevin Carroll
  2. Ben McIntyre
  3. Devin Firek
  4. Michael Henry
  5. Zach Polston
  6. Elliot Reshetar

Pro Senior Women

  1. Samantha Goetz
  2. Alexander Harris
  3. Chelsea Creveling
  4. Liz Drenkhahn
  5. April Albanese
  6. Sophia Buckaloo
  7. Justin Mannon

Pro Junior Women

  1. McKenzie Brown
  2. Kim Goetz
  3. Addison Shepard
  4. Abigail Cusac
  5. Abby Bloomer
  6. Christa Rands

full results (not yet available)

7:24 am | Trexlertown: U.S. World Team member Keith Carroll wins; Justin Mannon is second, Johnny Racine is third, Olivier Jean, fourth.

Jean went on a breakaway going up the hill on the final lap. He looked like he was going to get away, but then Keith Carroll caught him, followed by Justin Mannon.

Carroll narrowly edged Mannon in the final sprint to claim the win. The time was 23:26.34, about 16 seconds off the course record.

7:11 am | Trexlertown: With five laps to go, Devin Firek, a junior man, breaks away and takes a lead of about 100 meters. A three-man chase group — Justin Mannon, Ben Carey and Johnny Racine — goes after him. Francisco Ramirez catches the chase group and then the chase group catches Firek.

As they cross the start/finish line, Ramirez is slightly ahead of the pack. But it quickly catches him.

7:02 am | Trexlertown: Olivier Jean tests the water at the start of the open pro men's race. He goes on a little flyer, maybe getting 25 meters ahead. But the pack reels him back in.

By the end of the first lap, it's Empire Speed/K2's Francisco Ramirez in the front of the lead pack of about 30 skaters. Cado Motus' Chris and James Springer or next. Then Olivier Jean.

The lap time is fast but not a record.

6:45 am | Trexlertown: Olympic gold medalist Olivier Jean will be racing in the open pro men's race. The Canadian won a gold medal in short-track ice skating in Vancouver in the 5000-meter relay. Last month, he skated away with the Marathon Roller in Montreal.

6:34 am | Trexlertown: Team Hoigaard's Herb Gayle wins the men's master/veterans race. Jeff Foster is second. Then Glenn Corso and Craig Yannuzzi, who recently moved up from the advanced division.

(Read Herb Gayle's race report.)

Miguel Patino finishes way back. "He must of got burned up in the woods," says Eastern Seaboard Series organizer Bob Albanese.

After the hill, the racecourse literally moves in a forest before reemerging before the start/finish.

Next up is the pro men.

6:32 am | Trexlertown: Miguel Patino breaks away at the start of the final lap, 25 yards from the hill. David Dolnick goes with him. The pack breaks up.

6:27 am | Trexlertown: Jeff Foster leads the pack as they cross the line on the seventh lap. Right behind him is Mark Dolnick, Herb Gayle, Ronny Pugh.

The lap time was 3:01, that's the slowest of the day, but still smokin'.

Two laps to go.

Race on the Base men's podium

Scene at Bob Rodale Park for the Eastern Seaboard Series, Stage 2.

photo: Bob Albanese

6:18 am | Trexlertown: Miguel Patino, Jeff Foster, Herb Gayle and David Dolnick vie for the lead after three laps in the in the master/vet 15K. They're at the front of a big pack of 18 skaters. Six laps to go.

6:10 am | Trexlertown: It's a beautiful day for racing at the Bob Rodale Park in Trexlertown, Pa. It's sunny with a light breeze. The temperature is around 75. The pro master men and veteran men just started their 15K. It may get a little hot by the time the open pro men start in an hour.









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