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Kinetic HR Wheel: Bont's New High Tech Wonder

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By Planet Staff
May 4, 2010

Skaters in the Cold

Bont's new Kinetic HR banked track inline skate wheel.

Bont has upped the ante in the inline wheel wars with a new high-tech wonder, this one packed with the stuff that puts the pow in golf balls.

The Australian company's new inline racing wheel, the Kinetic HR, is designed for banked tracks, but also suitable for roads.

Bont touts the Kinetic as the most advanced wheel in the world and says it provides skaters with significantly more maneuverability without sacrificing roll.

Underneath the Kinetic's blue urethane is a "dual density" flex band made of the same kind of thermoplastics found in the core of a golf ball.

"We were looking for a material with super high rebound," says company director Alexander Bont. "The wheel itself cannot be made out of the golf ball material because it would wear out very quickly. But we found that if we housed the golf ball material inside the urethane, we could gain the benefit of the rebound with the wear properties of urethane."

The new wheel allows skaters on banked tracks "to cut in low without losing grip," Bont says. "That is a big advantage."

The new wheels also set a new bar for pricing. A set of eight 110s are $141(US); 105s are $137; 100s are $133.

Bont says the pricing is the result of the more elaborate manufacturing process for the wheels.

The Kinetic is the first Bont wheel to feature the dual density flex band and golf ball material. But if skaters embrace the new wheel, the company is likely to include these features in its next generation of road and other track wheels.

Q&A: Alexander Bont talks about the Kinetic HR wheel.









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